How Project Management Software Accelerates Growth for Small Builders


Project management software is quickly becoming essential for many small builders who want to accelerate growth and reach their business goals. This is especially true for those who manage multiple jobs simultaneously.  

This article will show you how construction project management software can accelerate growth for your small business; whether you’re a contractor, small builder or tradesperson.  

It helps you save time and money 

Many small builders spend their day onsite, arriving home late at night to estimate, quote and manage new jobs. This cuts into valuable time that could be spent focusing on other areas of their business. 

When your time is consumed with tasks such as these, your bottom line can be impacted significantly.  

Project management software for small builders and trades helps you manage all aspects of each job, from quoting to invoicing. This makes a big impact on your time.  

It helps manage your people 

Imagine if you could send email reminders and SMS text messages automatically to remind your subcontractors when work is to be commenced. With trade push-backs and scheduling changes frequently occurring, you need a bird’s eye perspective of your projects. 

Fortunately, construction project management software helps you with all the above. Small builders and trades who manage their own work can manage other people seamlessly, all in one easy-to-use software.  

It helps organise your work more efficiently 

When is your timber getting dropped off at the job site? Handwritten notes will only get you so far – and shouldn’t have to rely on storing the information in your head.  

Project management software includes features such as scheduling, invoicing and subcontractor organisation that will help you get a greater glimpse into the areas that affect your work.  

More importantly, it can help keep your finances in order with comprehensive cost-tracking that provides an actual vs. estimate report; right down to the box of nails 

Buildxact’s end-to-end project management software integrates with popular accounting software such as QuickBooks, Xero and MYOB, meaning you can synchronise your invoices and costings while avoiding double entries. This will save you time, money and help make life easier. 

How can project management software help grow your business? 

Buildxact provides uniquely designed end-to-end project management software for small builders and tradespeople looking to accelerate growth and take their business to the next level. 

If you want to find out if Buildxact is the right fit for your business, simply book a demo with one of our customer success team members or jump straight into it with a free 14-day trial of the software