As Buildxact continues to build its leadership team, marketing veteran Leah Walling has joined the company as Executive Vice President of Demand Generation. Based in San Francisco, CA, she offers more than just demand generation, viewing all aspects of marketing as essential components that fuel the engine driving demand, revenue and growth. 

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area, Walling said Buildxact provides a unique opportunity to get back to her roots where she helped her parents build their dream home in the Santa Cruz Mountains. She is a perfect fit at Buildxact as it continues its mission to help custom home builders and remodelers work smarter – not harder – with an all-in-one, cloud-based construction management software. 

“I have a very diverse background, including personal experiences in the custom home builder and remodeling industries,” she said. “I started my marketing career in technology, with early learnings from industry leaders like Oracle, and then built upon that foundation at The Myers-Briggs Company, Cohesity and Medallia. I learned from some of the foremost experts in leveraging the strength of technology, creating market demand, and building a company culture where people – including customers and employees – feel valued.”  

Walling takes a holistic approach when it comes to marketing.  

“I think of myself as a revenue marketer. Marketing exists to understand the needs of the market, connect customers with products that solve their problems, and support the company’s growth goals,” Walling said. “It’s vital that our demand generation – and really the entire marketing strategy – underpins our sales goals – identifying the right customers and helping them succeed through using Buildxact.”        

This signals a pivotal moment for Buildxact as it continues its global expansion. 

“This is an exciting time for BuildxactLeah will be a growth catalystexpanding upon the company’s 10 years of momentum in the software solutions for residential construction,” said David Murray, Buildxact President and CEO. “Leah has an impressive background working with global companies and unicorn startups, deepening Buildxact’s leadershipWith Leah’s marketing leadership, she will help to scale our business and extend awareness and demand for our products to custom home builders and remodelers across the globe.”