How do home builders stand out from others? Apart from the trusted method of word-of-mouth and consistent quality of work, builders can also use branding as a way to reflect these qualities.

For any business, there is a need for branding. Branding gives customers a visual understanding of the company’s reputation. It helps a customer decide if they should do business with that company or not.

Branding gives your company an instant recall to your customer’s memory and makes it recognizable. For this reason, it is important for businesses to invest in their brand identity and maintain a consistent presence across all platforms.  

A strong brand equates to more customers, which means more profit. It also adds a level of trustworthiness to your brand, which in turn creates customer loyalty. 

What branding story can a home builder tell? 

Building a home is a personal one. Homeowners are building a story of their lives and builders are experiencing this story along with them. Telling this story becomes part of a home builder’s mission to make the homeowners’ dreams come true.  

Branding is everything that a customer thinks about your business. It ranges from what they see, hear, or even feel about your brand. Summing all of those thoughts and opinions will decide whether customers will choose your brand over others. 

In his book Shoe Dog, Nike creator Phil Knight said, “How can I leave my mark on the world, I thought, unless I get out there first and see it?”. This quote can also be used to reflect the role of branding for your business.  

You can only leave your mark if your customers can see your brand out there. 

The important elements of your branding story 

  • Brand name and logo – The most visual and recognizable aspects of your brand. Customers must make an instant connection to your business when they think of home building or renovation works.
  • Design or themeThe feel of your brand must resonate with your customers. From building family homes to constructing elaborate frameworks, your brand’s design must reflect your building expertise. 
  • Your worksThe most important part of your branding is to display the final product. Customers make that connection with your brand when they see samples of your projects. 
  • Your relationship with customersUsually understated but a crucial part of your brand. Strong relationships built with your customers will attract new customers. 

A good story can be a valuable part of branding for a builder. You can talk about your origins and how you got started in the business. The challenges that you faced and how you overcame them. You should also talk about the projects  that you have worked on. This builds a certain connection between your brand and what your customers want to achieve in building their homes. 

How branding helps builders 

  • Creating awarenessThe more recognizable and stronger your brand recall are, the more business you will be expecting from potential customers.   
  • Differentiating from your competitionUndoubtedly a significant part of getting more customers is your brand positioning compared to your competitors. You want customers to immediately identify your brand to your projects.  
  • Customer recognition and loyaltyWith strong branding, the level of recognition and loyalty will increase business leads. The more people talk about your brand, the more customers will come through. 

What to do next 

  • Create a strong brand story and logo to resonate with your target audience 
  • Increase your branding presence online – Find more customers online because everyone is on their mobile. Read how to do this here
  • Build a marketing strategy using various methods to boost brand awareness. Find out more here with our handy eBook.