We all know how busy builders are. In fact, 62% of UK tradesmen said 2021 was the ‘busiest year they’ve ever had’. Therefore, it’s harder than ever to find the time that’s needed to quote the number of jobs necessary for profitability. – and that’s to quote for more jobs and secure a continued healthy work stream. 

For some, they do it the way they’ve always known, using a pen, paper plans and a scale ruler, and then manually working out all the calculations themselves. For others, they’ve realised this part of the job can be sped up significantly using construction quoting software. Buildxact takes all the leg work out of quoting for small residential builders, and means they can produce highly accurate, professional-looking quotes x5 faster than before. 

So how does Buildxact work?

Start with quick takeoffs

Before you can create your quote, you need to start with Buildxact’s easy-to-use online takeoff tool.  Simply upload and scale your plan. Once this is in place, the software allows you to accurately measure floor plans and elevations in just a few clicks, whilst allowing for deductions to remove things like doors and windows. It calculates everything for you in square, linear or cubic metres, and it does it in a fraction of the time. Also, you can reuse your measurements to estimate any other items, saving you even more time.

Get ahead with accurate, reusable estimates

Once you’ve created your takeoff, this can be instantly turned into a highly accurate estimate that can be reused over and over for commonly used tasks like door and window installations. Getting estimations on point is crucial for any building business, providing price clarity for your customer, and giving you a clear view of profitability right from the outset. Using Buildxact estimating software, you can import price lists from your preferred suppliers or link to their live pricing for up-to-date costs every time. Using the measurements from your digital takeoff, you can add the correct number of items straight to your price list and add mark up or wastage easily. With Buildxact estimates, you never miss an item so that jobs can stay profitable every time.

Win with professional-looking quotes

Buildxact quoting software will help you set a great first impression and stand out from competitors. It pulls all the information you need directly from your estimate and allows you to quickly create custom-made, fully-branded quotes. It also helps you stay on top of changing costs by highlighting any differences between your approved estimate and the quote. The customisable template lets you choose what information to include, with optional cover pages, letters, quote items, allowances, specifications, images and terms and conditions. Once you’re happy with the quote, you can then send it via email or through a  client portal where customers can digitally accept it.

Don’t stop there

Buildxact doesn’t just support builders with effective quoting – it’s there to help businesses right from initial takeoff through to final invoicing. It streamlines internal processes, cuts admin and is aimed at giving you back your valuable time. So, once you’ve won your quote, Buildxact will support you with job management and scheduling, cost tracking and will even provide easy-to-use accounting integration to help keep your books in check.  See it for yourself. To learn how Buildxact could transform your building business, book a demo or start a 14-day free trial.