Warning. Reading this article could seriously change your life, giving you back time to spend with your family.

You think we’re joking? Read on.

Historically, one of the most time-consuming and admin-heavy aspects of running a construction business is quoting. You could spend hours with plans spread out over your desk, methodically taking measurements, and writing up the quantities of the materials you’re going to need to complete the job. 

Then, you’re on the phone, online or flicking through printed catalogues to cost everything up. Not only is it time-consuming, but it also has a high margin of error. Measure something incorrectly, or price it wrongly and you run the risk of losing money on the job, or not winning it because your quote’s too high.

Add to this the extra time you’ll need to spend if your customer changes their mind on elements of the build. More measuring, more pricing, more quoting. More time that could be better spent on other new jobs, with the family or even on the golf course!

It’s time for a change.

On your next job, try using takeoff software from Buildxact. It’s incredibly simple to use and is designed with small residential builders in mind. 

Trying something new is a big step for many people, especially when you’ve done something the same way for many years, but honestly, try it. Takeoff software will improve the way you do business and make a big difference to your work-life balance. Here’s how it works: 

The first thing you’ll do is upload a pdf of the plans to your computer. Then, all the measuring is done with a few clicks of your mouse. The takeoff software uses the information from the plan to automatically create a list of the exact materials required for the job, and it assigns costs to each item from its cost database, or it can connect directly with your preferred supplier for a live highly accurate price list.

It really is that simple. You’ll find yourself doing 80% faster takeoffs, and you can put away your pencil, calculator, and ruler forever!

With your takeoff and pricing complete, Buildxact will generate a professional-looking quote for you to present to your customer. And if they make changes, no problem, you’re only a few clicks away from generating an amended quote. Once you’ve won the job, Buildxact will then help you manage your costs, schedules and accounting.

Although this may be new to you, it’s easier than you think to get started, and we’ll support you every step of the way. When you purchase a Buildxact subscription, we’ll give you a one-to-one onboarding session, tailored to fit your business and your needs, and we won’t finish the session until you’re confident with the takeoff software. 

Our team of experts will be on hand to guide you through your journey as you continue to learn and use Buildxact, so in a very short amount of time you’ll be estimating and managing your construction projects in a way you never thought possible.

Here’s what one of our customers (who was also once quoting with a ruler and pencil) had to say about our takeoff software:

“I chose Buildxact because it was user-friendly and simple to learn. I started with a 14-day trial, and I continued because I could see the potential that Buildxact was going to give me. The ease with which I can have a plan uploaded and then do a full takeoff … is fantastic.”

Why not hit the trial button for a 14-day free start, or select the demo button to set up a free demonstration with one of our team, and learn how to use takeoff software for your next build.