“Producing beautiful, professional quotes is how I differentiate myself from other builders.” – Phillip Ouzounis from Zounis Constructions.

Very few builders enjoy costing up jobs and putting quotes together, but quotes bring in the work so it’s an essential part of the business.

New build or a renovation, a lot of time and effort goes into producing a quote that’s accurate and that sells. So the goal is to get high quality quotes out with minimal effort, as fast as you can!

Still using Excel and Word to produce your quotes?

Sure, it beats paper and pen, but there’s too much double handing, formatting, and messing around using tools that just weren’t really designed for the job. It can be difficult to make a quote look great using Microsoft or Excel, and it gets worse when you need to make changes.

You often end up just providing your prospective clients with a list of high-level items with costs against them, and a nice cover letter. As a result, the customer tends to focus on the end figure, rather than the value that the builder or trade will provide.

So how do you ensure you create a compelling, great quote every time? It’s often messy and time consuming, especially when there are constant changes to the brief.  The quicker you can pull a quality quote together, the greater the chance of winning it.

Top-notch quotes that will help you win more jobs

Get yourself on the right tools. Estimating software designed for builders and trades specifically allows you to cost up your jobs and feed those costs into a pre-templated, professional looking quote, ready to send out to your prospective clients.

Providing as much detail as possible is important so that they can see exactly what they’re getting and where their money will be spent.  This gives your prospective clients peace of mind.

See for yourself how easy it is. 

If you’d like to have a go at costing up a job online and producing a great looking, professional quote, why not sign up to a 14-day free trial and play around with the Buildxact software.

You can use our plans or upload your own. You’ll see how quick and easy it is.