The most common problem every builder faces is how to attract customers and effectively win their business. You might have your estimating software like Buildxact all sorted and your accounting is syncing seamlessly but there’s not enough business or quotes been creating. Here’s a proven system to create your sales funnel that any builder can follow:

With just a little research you can attract your desired customers through your content and key words on your website. And yes if you don’t have a website you should probably get one! Your website is your business card and the first thing prospective see when searching online for a builder.

Social media
You don’t have to be on Facebook and Twitter but Houzz is one of the biggest builder directories online right now and there are millions of users using it right now plus you get to link back to your website which is more traffic.

Lead magnet
A lead magnet is how you are going to get your prospective customers to give up their contact details on your website. A great way to get those contact details is through a pop up which can capture their details by delivering an offer. The offer is up to you and can be a free quote, eBook or a giveaway; anything that will entice your customers to give up their details for.

Once you’re collecting and capture leads, you need an effective way to manage and chase up those leads. Choose a CRM system that works for you and develop a process for you and/or your sales team.

Now it’s time to present to the client and show your proposal. Make it personal and tell a story. By building trust with the customer you can then close the deal.

Following up
Go back to your CRM and follow up. Phone, send an email and get feedback. Keep refining the sales funnel until you have process that has stellar conversion rates!

Designing and implementing an effective sales funnel is a builder’s best friend. The first step is to get a complete software package like Buildxact to manage your business and estimating then develop your sales funnel and you’ll be on your way to having a successful and profitable building business in not time.