Xero is the fastest growing new breed of accounting software in Australia/NZ that’s cloud based, low cost and easy to use. Bookkeepers and accountants seem to be keen for their clients to move to Xero for good reasons.

Ten reasons why every builder needs Xero

If you’re in the construction industry, a contractor or a tradie, Xero claim to be the only accounting software you will ever need. Once you get started with Xero there’s no going back. You will never want to use another accounting software again. Here are 10 reasons why every builder, contractor or tradie needs Xero:

  1. Automated daily bank feeds:  Your bank statements are automatically imported so you can keep track of everything.
  2. Invoicing:  Monitor invoices with ease while looking professional with Xero’s branded or unbranded receipts and business documents. Instantly email statements to customers and get paid faster.
  3. Dashboard:  The Xero dashboard gives you a clear view of what’s coming in and what’s going out.
  4. User friendly:  Xero is known for its simple and clear interface. Its user friendly atmosphere will make you a convert and you will never use anything else ever again.
  5. Add-On an Estimating and Job Management Software Package:  Manage your quotes, jobs, schedules, create invoicing, purchase orders plus more. An estimating and job management software package like Buildxact will streamline your processes and help you manage your business while saving a heap of time at a very low cost.
  6. Sync your accounting:  As the easiest and streamlined builders software available, Buildxact estimating and job management software will ‘talk’ to Xero and sync any purchase orders or invoices you raise. No delays and just a click keeps project costs and profit available as you go.
  7. No more double entry:With estimating and job management software you enter your job invoicing data only once and it is synced to Xero. That saves your accountant posting boxes of paper entries of project costs and lowers your book-keeping fees. Work on cash flow and business growth with your advisors. Its what they do best.
  8. Purchase Orders: Manage your purchase orders with no double entry.
  9. Cloud Computing: Access anywhere, anytime, all you need is an internet connection. All data and information is backed up in the cloud and staff can easily collaborate using Xero.
  10. No installs:  As Xero is in the Cloud you don’t need to install any programs or call technical support. Just log on anywhere in the world at any time and have access to your accounts instantly. That’s true for Buildxact too.

As you can tell if you’re a builder, contractor or tradie you need Xero and the Buildxact Add-On to help you streamline every aspect of your business. Estimates, quotes and invoicing are all streamlined to save you $000’s every year, win more jobs and manage profit with less stress.

10 Reasons! It’s the smart move.