Producing an accurate estimate is often one of the most time-consuming parts of the process for small building companies, eating into valuable time. There are lots of reasons why estimating can go awry, including factors out of your control, like fluctuating material costs. However, for those with construction estimating software in place, time-consuming, inaccurate quotes are a thing of the past even in the most turbulent of times. 

Built for small residential builders and tradespeople, Buildxact’s simple and streamlined software helps you estimate up to 5x faster, giving you your time back to invest in winning more business, or to simply relax after a busy day. It also helps you to estimate with far more accuracy, eliminating human error. This means you can confidently set yourself up for success at the very start of projects and map out your profits with more certainty.  

So how do you get the very best out of Buildxact construction estimating software? Here are our top tips: 

Never miss an item with checklists

When creating takeoffs with pencil and paper, mistakes can easily happen. Buildxact helps you get it right every time, allowing you to complete precise digital takeoffs in just minutes.  Simply upload your plans and measure up (using square, lineal or cubic metres) in just a few clicks. Items are then automatically linked to price lists, and the software does all the calculations for you – so there really is no room for error. The software also provides integrated category checklists, which ensure you don’t miss a thing. This means you can rest assured that your estimates are always on-point.

Misquoting prices can be costly for both you and your customers, but Buildxact helps to ensure that you always have the most accurate pricing information. Add your favorite suppliers to the system and automatically link to their price lists for up-to-date, accurate information. You can also use the integrated software to request a quote from multiple suppliers. This way you can track responses through the system and then select the most competitive price, simplifying and speeding up the process.

Use and re-use estimating templates

When creating an estimate with Buildxact software, you can either choose a ready-made template or create your own from scratch. Either option can be re-used for future jobs, saving you time and effort. Costed items from your takeoff are added automatically to your estimate, plus you can add further items directly from your price list, as well as mark up or wastage, ensuring your pricing is always accurate.

Give quotes a professional finish

Often the presentation of a quote is as important as its content, and with easy-to-use presentation tools, Buildxact generates a great-looking and professional breakdown to send to a client. Using a pre-formatted template, you can fully customize your quote and ensure it reflects your company branding. You can also add detailed specifications, images and list items as allowances. Once it’s ready, this can then be sent digitally to customers or downloaded as a pdf.

Streamline all your processes

With Buildxact, it doesn’t stop at effective project estimating. You can streamline everything from initial takeoffs through to accurate quotes, and even project scheduling, cost tracking and final invoicing. Having everything integrated and managed on one platform saves vast amounts of time and keeps mistakes to a minimum, ensuring consistency from start to finish. It also cuts down on unwanted admin. Less paperwork is good for any business, and with widespread accessibility from multiple devices, you can take all your work with you, wherever you are.

Try it for yourself

Many building pros  haven’t yet jumped on the digital bandwagon, but those who have embraced new  construction estimating software have gained a clear competitive advantage. From takeoff to completion, these builders are progressing through each step of the job with efficiency and precision, which is key to a profitable result. Are you ready for Buildxact software to really help your business? There’s no reason to wait. Book a demo today or sign up for a free trial.