The quoting process is an essential part of any small building business and getting it right is incredibly important – not just for you, but for your customers, too. Making sure a quote contains all the right information and is presented to a client clearly and punctually can be the difference between getting a job or not, so speed and precision are key. The good news is, with Buidxact quoting software, builders can create professional-looking, highly accurate quotes – and they can do it in just a fraction of the time.  

What should quotes include?

When it comes to keeping customers happy and gaining a march on your competition it’s all about the detail. Producing an in-depth, fully costed quote shows customers that you’re thorough and taking their job seriously – after all, it isn’t just the price that influences their decision. It’s also important to make sure quotes are clearly laid out and easy to understand. Don’t forget, many customers will be unfamiliar with trade terminology and processes.

With Buildxact software, you can create detailed custom-made quotes quickly and easily. Either using existing templates, or creating your own, the system will ensure you’re including everything you need – from specifications and inclusions, to allowances, branded cover letters, Ts & Cs, and the final price. It also allows you to easily add mark up and manage tax.

Why accuracy is key

Accuracy is not only a top priority for customers, but it’s also vital for the success of your business. Accidently underquoting or missing an item can affect customer satisfaction and have a direct impact on your bottom line. 

It’s no secret that customers don’t appreciate late changes to quotes, so numbers need to be right from the outset. Buildxact’s construction quoting software helps ensure everything is spot on every time. It can link to live pricing from your preferred suppliers, so you always have accurately quoted material costs. It also features checklists that make it impossible to miss an item and does all the measurement calculations for you, eliminating errors.

Quoting 80% faster

Buildxact’s fully integrated system allows you to quote for jobs up to 5x faster. Using an on-screen takeoff tool, you can measure a job in just a few clicks, align with the item prices and produce a precise quote in an instant. 

Speed and precision are key when it comes to convincing customers that your business is the one to choose. Showcasing efficiency right from the quoting stage, will create a positive impression and set the tone for the upcoming project.  Quoting faster also means that you’ve got more time for yourself at the end of a busy day!

A professional look

Buildxact quoting software lets you format and present your quote in a sleek, professional style – helping to create that perfect first impression. You can import your own branding and logos, add a cover image, and even add images to detailed specifications. 

Once you’ve created a customised quote you can then send it digitally to customers in your chosen format, either via the client portal or via email, continuing that professional look. The software gives them the opportunity to read and accept quotes digitally and alerts you when that happens, so you can always keep track of progress.

Start to finish automation

If you like the sound of enhancing your quoting process and winning back your time, it’s only one part of what Buildxact can offer. From estimation to job management and even bookkeeping help, the software manages the entire process, keeping everything in one place and accessible from anywhere. Why not book a demo or sign up for a free trial today?