Key Outcome: 

  • Builders, suppliers become more efficient with 24/7 access to material pricing 
  • Digital takeoffs take 80% less time to complete leaving behind pencil and paper 
  • Builders get more done with less overhead using software  
  • More efficient builders free supplierr account managers to grow sales 


Mitre 10, founded in 1959 and now one of the largest suppliers in Australia, operates a network of trade and retail outlets, including more than 400 Mitre 10 and True Value outlets privately owned by more than 300 individuals. The network of supplierrs also has done business in New Zealand since 1974. 

Mitre 10 prides itself on serving a wide variety of high-quality materials and services to a diverse range of trades. National builders to local custom home builders complete their jobs faster working with Mitre 10. The company provides whole-of-house solutions for flooring, the bath, kitchen and beyond. 


Mitre 10 has been adopting new technology to improve how its outlets run. Technological improvements range from hand-held scanners to two-way radios used inside stores. 

However, Mitre 10 wanted to add software that improves its high level of customer service while growing sales, reducing costs and establishing a path toward more beneficial customer relationships. 


Mitre 10 and Buildxact worked together to develop a digital platform that helped the builder save time and run a better business, which in turn, led to opportunities for Mitre 10 to grow its customer base and increase sales. 

Integrated pricing increases estimate efficiency and accuracy

Key to realizing these benefits is the integration of Mitre 10 material price lists within Buildxact. This gives builders 24/7 access to accurate pricing, which eliminates wasted time and guarantees that the builder is submitting highly accurate estimates to the homeowner, Damien Hamilton, a Mitre account manager, said. 

“Our customers having direct access to the pricing list with Mitre 10 and Buildxact decreases the inflow of phone calls and will increase our customers productivity and ours as well,” Hamilton said.  

In addition to price lists allowing builders to submit accurate material quotes at a time most convenient to them, the Buildxact software also features digital takeoffs that can save builders up to 80% of time needed to complete takeoffs, Hamilton said. 

“Before Buildxact, everything was done manually. It could take anywhere between half a day to three days to do a takeoff,” he said. “Now, using Buildxact, a takeoff may take a half an hour.” 

Performing faster takeoffs benefits supplier and builder

Saving this kind of time is key to also saving overhead, Peter Scalzo, Director of Scalzo Constructions, said. 

“Without Buildxact software, it would be impossible for me to do what I am doing without extra staff,” Scalzo said. “Anyone who is still using paper and pencil to do takeoffs–what are you doing? Using Mitre 10 with Buildxact will save you hours.” 

Moreover, as builders became more efficient, Mitre 10 sales staff found they have more time to spend with customers and to speak with prospects to grow new business, Hamilton said. 

“Because of Buildxact’s ability to save time doing takeoffs, I can see more customers,” he said. “I can bring in more business for the company. It really has increased our productivity three-fold.” 

Helping the builder become more productive and increase their responsiveness to the customer is a key differentiator in a market where suppliers can no longer compete on price alone, Colin Rice, Mitre 10 Group Trade Sales Manager, said. 

“It’s not just products we’re selling,” Rice said. “We’re selling services; so for me, Buildxact is another front and center conversation piece to have with our builders.”  

What’s ahead

Hardings will be adding in Q1 2022 further capability to the Mitre 10 network via integration of wholesale live pricing that includes detailed specifications and product photos of our kitchen, laundry and bathroom products. With this integration, builders’ customers can experience personal selection of the best products on the market. All will be available within the Buildxact platform at a time most convenient to the customer.