From left to right:  Tim James (Buildxact Head of Partnerships & Channels), David Murray (Buildxact CEO), Steve Yagmur (ABN General Manager), Barry Hasturk (ABN Operations Manager)

Australian Builders Network (ABN), a membership-based organisation providing construction services to small and medium builders, has joined Buildxact’s partner network to add another string to their bow in helping builders get ahead.

The partnership will see the Australian Builders Network introduce Buildxact’s cloud-based estimating and job management platform to their members, so that they can run a more profitable and successful business.

ABN’s Managing Director, Steve Yagmur said: “Partnering with Buildxact is great for our members because it solves such a headache for builders. Most still rely on spreadsheets and paper to do their estimates and run their jobs. To be successful today you need to get the right tools.”

From Buildxact’s side, Tim James, Head of Partners & Channels commented: “We’re excited with this partnership as it will give us a chance to show their members a way to run a more professional business and save a massive amount of time in quoting and administration. ABN really understands the challenges builders face, and our services complement the range of other services their members already benefit from.”

Buildxact is rapidly developing a broad network of Advisors, Industry Networks and Education partners, with the shared goal to take the residential construction market forward.