The technology shifts of the past decade have created many useful innovations in the hardware and software tools used by successful home builders.

Included among these is advanced scheduling software and construction calendar platforms designed to streamline construction management communications, optimize project resources, and provide real-time visibility into the many phases of a construction project.

For most home builders, gone are the days of cumbersome manual or paper calendars, error-prone spreadsheets, and playing phone tag with clients and builder teams. Scheduling software has revolutionized how home builders plan, execute and monitor the milestones and events of home construction projects. 

Let’s explore what drives successful home builders to make the technological shift to construction calendar software in today’s competitive marketplace. 

The traditional construction calendar template

It wasn’t that long ago that traditional construction calendars used generic spreadsheets and, in some cases, handwritten charts. While the choice for past times, these basic planning tools often led to inefficiencies, miscommunication, and lack of real-time control—particularly for complex construction projects that involve the coordination of many subcontractors.

Traditional construction calendar templates are commonly organized in a simple structure—lists or Gantt chart formats—featuring a linear progression of tasks relying on manual input and updates. As one might expect, keeping these current and accurate was a very time-consuming effort and prone to errors. The templates lacked real-time collaboration or made cross-team updates difficult, limiting visibility for all stakeholders. In essence, manual adjustments made it challenging to be proactive or take corrective action quickly.

Benefits of digital transformation

The emergence of construction scheduling software marked a significant digital transformation for home builders. While the home construction industry is not quick to embrace new technology, increased tech awareness coupled with user-friendly solutions, like Buildxact, have helped bring efficiency and success to home construction. Consider the key features and advantages:

Complete construction job management

The best scheduling software platforms do more than streamline the construction timeline. Buildxact, for example, offers digital takeoffs, integrated supplier pricing, professional proposal generation, visual project scheduling, real-time cost tracking, purchase order management, a client communication portal, and integrations with popular accounting software. 

Buildxact ensures accuracy in estimating and budgeting, seamless collaboration across your team and customers, and improved project profitability and customer satisfaction, enabling you to spend less time guessing the cost and status of your project. 

All of this is possible using the same basic computer skills that many of us already know from the use of email and word processing software.

Time savings

If you spend countless hours on manual scheduling, construction scheduling software platforms will make your life much easier. How? They have an intuitive interface for setting up and tracking the many tasks that comprise a project schedule. Let’s take a closer look. Below you can see how Buildxact allows for tasks to be grouped into clusters of parent-child dependencies that allow for easy editing and updating of the overall schedule.

Streamlining project timelines and the project task list

Scheduling software revolutionizes construction efficiency in several ways, including automating tedious scheduling of dependent tasks and subtasks. Real-time time tracking helps optimize labor, equipment and materials, minimizing idle time and wasted resources. 

Software platforms like Buildxact foster improved construction management collaboration, facilitating quick decision-making when changes or challenges arise. Tracking progress against detailed information in real time allows project managers to address potential delays proactively. When you tally up the benefits, they translate directly into time savings, reduced costs and improved project efficiency. 

Consider Buildxact customers who took the technology leap of faith. Before Buildxact, business owners waited until the evening, after dinner and the kids were in bed, to work on manual spreadsheets—for each project or customer—late into the evening, day in and day out.

Today, Buildxact customers like Builder Josh BradleyJosh Bradley, owner of BradWay Construction & Restoration, are getting more done during the work day, saying that the use of Buildxact is “almost like hiring a couple of people at a much lower cost.”

Impact on the construction project

Construction scheduling software profoundly impacts a construction project’s success by providing a centralized platform for greater project efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, and increased profitability. We’re focusing on three essential areas of impact:

Improved resource allocation

Construction scheduling software prevents delays, eliminates idle time, and optimizes resource allocation by providing a comprehensive view of project timelines, task dependencies, and labor and equipment availability. Imagine the ability to view where and when resources are needed and ensure that resources are always deployed most efficiently to avoid bottlenecks early on and proactively make adjustments. 

Enhanced communication and collaboration

Construction scheduling software serves as a central hub for project information, enhancing communication and collaboration because all stakeholders can access the most up-to-date schedules, task assignments, and progress reports within the platform. Real-time visibility eliminates miscommunication and guesswork, fostering transparency and accountability throughout the construction project. 

Changing the role of construction project managers

Construction scheduling software is fundamentally changing the role of construction project managers by automating many tedious and time-consuming tasks.

Instead of being burdened by paperwork, construction project managers can use real-time data to make proactive decisions, being one step ahead of potential issues. This shift enables them to be better leaders and builds trust among team members. 

Overcoming construction industry hurdles

The construction industry faces many hurdles — from unpredictable materials costs to labor shortages and complex scheduling needs — and construction scheduling software is a powerful tool to tackle these challenges head-on. As the industry embraces technology, scheduling software like Buildxact is poised to be indispensable for building professionals.

Despite its transformative potential, construction scheduling software faces resistance to change, and a training and support program is needed to utilize its powerful features fully. To tackle these barriers, we suggest looking for software platforms that offer flexible pricing plans that evolve as your needs or your business grows. Many software platforms, including Buildxact, provide a free trial and a demonstration so you can decide if it’s the right platform for you, providing an ideal way to try it out.

Software platforms are only as good as the support they can provide. A comprehensive training program backed by ongoing support empowers you and your staff to use all the features to maximize the benefits and accelerate adoption. Also, choose software that integrates with existing tools like accounting. 

Looking ahead

The future of construction calendar management or construction scheduling is promising. We expect increased integrations with AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning, where software will analyze project data to suggest optimal scheduling and resource allocation and automate routine tasks. The IoT (Internet of Things) sensors will offer real-time equipment and site monitoring, automatically updating schedules for enhanced accuracy. Augmented and virtual reality may also visualize project progress overlaid on the physical job site. These advancements promise to reshape how we plan, execute, and monitor construction projects to drive greater efficiency and accuracy

Success stories

Homebuilders have recognized the value of scheduling software and successfully transformed their operations, streamlining multiple homes’ construction. Successful Buildxact customers like Sabado Homes and Marcella Building & Renovations moved from manual to digital operations, keeping them organized and adding time to their day.

At Buildxact, our customers report that our software gives them back the most valuable resource: time. Time to grow your business, nurture relationships, better serve customers, gain financial clarity, and streamline processes like estimating, takeoffs, and scheduling.

Buildxact, tailored specifically for the construction industry, offers a robust, user-friendly solution to streamline scheduling, manage your business, and drive project success without becoming a software expert. 

Ready to give it a try? Sign up for a risk-free trial subscription or schedule a demo with one of our team members. Do it today!