Estimating for a builder is now a dream and so simple every builder is getting estimating software. It’s not hard to see why, when estimating a job is faster, cheaper and easier than ever before. If you’ve ever been caught out with inaccurate estimates, budgets that blow out and unhappy customers then an estimating software is for you.  So here are the benefits of using an estimating software like Buildxact to show you just how easy it is:

  • Takeoffs take literally seconds to complete, making the estimating process a breeze.
  • Plans are automatically scaled and can be made to match other plans.
  • Highlight the areas you want to calculate with one click.
  • Auto calculates surface area including roofs and their pitch.
  • Easily subtract openings.
  • Upload price lists ready to use for quick estimates.
  • Instantly work out what your materials cost per job.
  • Track your finances as you go.
  • Easily update you estimate with customer variations.
  • Create templates for future jobs, saving you even more time.

Technology has made estimating for a builder a quick, fast and efficient task. By making estimating for a builder easier, the builder can now focus on their projects and customers. Estimating for builders has now become something every builder can master.