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Knowledge is power 

Custom home builders and suppliers need to have a synergistic relationship to be successful in the construction industry. Suppliers want to offer custom home builders the materials they need to complete high-quality projects quickly and efficiently. Builders rely on suppliers to provide those materials at prices that allow them to make a profit. Price volatility in the construction industry can be a pain point across the board. Still, technology can help keep all parties informed to avoid unwanted surprises and enough time to plan and make necessary adjustments. 

Buildxact offers custom home builders a wide array of estimating, takeoff, and project management software that helps them work efficiently. Bridging the gap between suppliers and custom home builders is the next step to a highly successful business. 

Connecting suppliers with their builders

Buildxact created a supplier integration feature that allows a connection between suppliers and the builders they serve. This takes the relationship between custom home builders and suppliers to a whole new level! It opens up communication channels between both parties, so everyone knows the prices. Knowing the costs of construction materials makes life for custom home builders much easier. A task like estimating, for example, becomes much more manageable. Builders can estimate with more confidence and accuracy to see what their supplier is charging for materials like lumber, steel, masonry, among others.

Custom home builders can now do most of their work from the comfort of their home or office, and at a convenient time for them.

Avoiding surprises to make everyone happy 

One of the worst things custom home builders must deal with is angry customers when they see the initially estimated price increased in the invoice because of material costs. That is if the builder makes an adjustment and passes on the increase to the customer. In some cases, the builder eats up that cost, resulting in a financial loss for them. 

Technology minimizes these uncertainties. When an estimating and project management cloud-based software, like Buildxact, connects a supplier and a builder, they can update pricing in real-time. This network allows everyone involved to have the latest information available. 

Becoming an informed supplierr and builder 

There is an unlimited number of factors that contribute to price fluctuations of crucial building materials. Some of these factors include weather, staffing shortages, supply and demand, among others. 

In many cases, builders are left in the dark when outside factors influence price fluctuations. The right software solution changes that reality. 

Buildxact’s supplier integration allows suppliers and builders always to maintain open channels of communication. The cloud-based software solution enables builders and suppliers to communicate in real-time. 

Once a builder accesses the suppliers price files and sees the prices, the pro dealer can add context to keep everyone informed. Suppliers can open channels of communication with builders and keep them open throughout the construction project. The network removes all barriers from the supplier–custom home builder relationship to form a solid and lasting partnership. 

Creating a customer for life 

Builders have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to buying their building materials. Suppliers are well aware of that fact. That is where building a strong relationship comes into play. Suppose the supplier and custom home builder establish a strong partnership grounded on trust and communication. In that case, it will lead to a potential partnership that could last. 

Builders like having options, but they also like having a steady supplier they know they can trust. Suppose the builder feels like the supplier is reliable in terms of having materials available and is trustworthy and provides information and advice when times get challenging. In that case, the relationship between both parties will strengthen. Once a builder and supplier establish a strong relationship, most builders continue purchasing with that specific supplier, becoming a customer for life. Suppliers like nothing more than having a solid and consistent customer base they can rely on to sell their materials. 

Buildxact’s cloud-based software and supplier integration feature is the perfect software solution for both parties. It allows for open and honest communication that helps construction projects flow at a good pace. It also provides transparency in terms of pricing so they can have confidence when custom home builders create estimates that end up being accurate. In the end, everyone wins! 

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