Your input and comments continue to help us develop new features and improvements and we’re grateful for your feedback. Over the past few months, we’ve launched a number of features that have been high on many of your wish lists. Here’s a quick overview.

Request for Quotes (RFQ)

No more chasing suppliers and contractors for quotes; handle it all with a few clicks. Manage the process of sending suppliers & contractors detailed plans and requests, as well as managing replies from within the system. Set required response times and instantly see who’s accepted the quotes. Send detailed plans and scopes of work, right through to automated reminders to ensure that all responses come back in a timely fashion.

Role based permissions (User Access Controls)

As team sizes grow it’s more likely that you’ll have people wearing designated hats. Now you can control access to the system based on people’s roles, so that your team only gets access to the information that they need to see. This new feature is part of our new ‘Teams’ plan (see pricing page). For more information, have a look at the FAQs.

Completions Percent

‘Completion Percent’ lets you invoice based on the completion of areas of work, to better suit your way of working. You can draw down on different cost categories, add retentions and refundable deposits. No more manual calculations to keep track of your claims; Buildxact does all the thinking/maths for you.

Take deposits for cost plus jobs and completion percent

If you take a deposit upfront as part of your invoicing and then later credit it back to subsequent invoices, we have great news for you. We’ve added that functionality to contract, cost plus/chargeup and completion percent styles of invoicing. Now it’s easier than ever to take a deposit upfront and transparently credit it back to your client and have the client aware of what’s going on at all times. For more information, have a look at the FAQs (click here).