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Roofing estimating software makes estimating the roof of a residential or commercial a much simpler task for builders and tradies. There is the pitch, materials, multiple measurements and not to mention the weather, to take into consideration. The number one tool any builder or tradie will need is a simple and easy-to-use estimating software like Buildxact and it is so simple to use, even your kids can use it.

The first step is to upload your plans. From there, the custom home builder will want to highlight and create a quick take-off with one click. They can easily add their pitch and roof slopes. They can take it a step further and command full control of their estimate by uploading their own price lists and recipes. All a custom home builder needs to do is simply add gutters, chimneys and any other roof-related work to their estimate. They can even add waste to their materials. This empowers builders to provide accurate and detailed estimates to their customers every single time.

Buildxact helps custom home builders work smarter and not harder. They are able to save their information in Buildxact’s cloud-based estimating software package, so they can refer to it later and use it as a template for other jobs, over and over again. All of a custom home builder’s work will live in the cloud, so they can refer to their estimates and plans at any time, from anywhere, whenever they need to check for building regulations.

Roofing estimating software helps custom home builders establish a strong foundation. It all begins at the estimating level and estimating software, like Buildxact, can help. It was designed by builders for builders.

Make roofing estimating simple with takeoff software

The impact roofing estimating software has on a custom home builder’s job is significant. It is very clear why that is the case. Roofing estimating software speeds up the process, and makes it cheaper and easier than ever before. If a custom home builder has ever been caught out with inaccurate estimates, budgets that blow out and unhappy customers, then estimating software is for them. The benefits of using estimating software, like Buildxact, are endless, but the main one is accurate estimates.

Software solutions, like Buildxact, help speed up takeoffs. They literally take seconds to complete, making what was once a tedious and time-consuming estimating process, a breeze. The estimating tools allow custom home builders to automatically scale their plans and make them to match other plans they are working on at the moment. The builders can highlight the areas they want to calculate, with just one click, and they can easily subtract any openings. The software has estimating features that allow builders to calculate surface area, including roofs, in their pitch.

One of the most useful features is the ability to connect with suppliers in the software. Suppliers can upload price lists ready to use for quick estimates. Including material costs takes estimating to another level because it is one less thing the custom home builder has to worry about. The software takes care of everything, allowing custom home builders to instantly work out what your materials cost per job. The convenience of doing everything in one place is a game-changer. Builders can track their finances in the software as they go and they can update estimates with customer variations, as they arise. The best part is that once custom home builders can create templates for future jobs, saving them even more time.

Technology has made estimating for a builder a quick, fast and efficient task. By making estimating for a builder easier, the builder can now focus on their projects and customers. Estimating for builders has now become something every builder can master.

Complete extremely accurate estimates in a fraction of the time

Mistakes are inevitable when custom home builders are trying to work as fast as they can on manual takeoffs and estimates. Buildxact allows builders to fix their last measurement quickly and move on to more important things.

How to use the escape button to delete your last measurement 

It is easy to make a mistake with the drawing tool, but it is even easier to fix it. Builders do not have to delete the entire drawing or all of their drawings. They can simply press their keyboard’s ‘escape’ key to undo their last measurement.

Pro tip – how to best scale your plans before doing a takeoff

It is important to get the plans ready before the custom home builder moves to scale the plans in Buildxact.

Easy-to-use commercial roofing estimating

Buildxact is the only roofing estimating software roofing contractors or trades need to run a successful business.

The all-in-one takeoff and estimating tool helps from the first takeoff to the final invoice. Buildxact has all the features builders need to help them be professional estimators. It will help custom home builders complete takeoffs in less than an hour, helping them estimate accurately and calculate labor costs, as well as material costs. Complex calculations builders used to do by hand are now simple with Buildxact. Programs, like Microsoft Excel, will be a thing of the past.

Buildxact’s roof measuring software combines estimatingjob management and accounting on a single platform, meaning builders only need to learn one tool for their end-to-end roofing projects. It also has great collaboration tools to allow multiple team members to work together on projects.

A simple, better way

Buildxact acts as the center of the business; builders can do it all: manage leads, complete takeoffs, create estimates, produce quotes, manage schedules and purchases, communicate with subcontractors and invoice customers.

Buildxact is a brilliant software solution that will help builders save time. They will be able to get started quickly and find it is easy to use. Builders can start completing online takeoffs in as little as an hour. But, Buildxact users are never alone. The monthly subscription includes access to a local support team, which is only a call away. Builders can get all the free training they need to master the software.

Buildxact empowers builders to scale their roofing business while getting more time back in their day for the things they love.

Key features designed with the home builder in mind

Complete takeoffs online up to 80% faster

Easily upload the PDF and do a takeoff on-screen in minutes. Measure in a few clicks and price jobs in one step with takeoffs automatically linked to the material list costs.

Accurate estimates in a fraction of the time

Estimating software uniquely designed for small builders and trades. Do on-screen takeoffs, load your supplier price files from Excel. Super easy to learn.

Professional quotes 5x faster

Create accurate and professional quotes 5x faster with Buildxact. Modern tools to give you an edge over other competitors to win more business.

Simple and flexible scheduling

Scheduling software designed for small residential builders and trades. Simplify life with one easy-to-use system for scheduling, estimating and job management.

Track and manage your profitability in real-time

Track the key financials of your project with ease, by category or by item.

Keep on top of your accounting from quote to invoice

Connect to Xero, Quickbooks or MYOB and sync invoices and purchase orders. A lot less admin, and a lot less risk of mistakes.

Learn more or try it for yourself 

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