Features for Builders & Renovators

Easy-to-use construction planning software for builders and contractors

Simple and flexible construction management planning

Planning software designed for small builders, remodelers and contractors. Simplify life with one easy-to-use system for scheduling, estimating, and project management.

No double handling

Save hours by building your construction schedule directly from your estimate or build reusable templates based on your typical schedules.

Reminders keep everyone in sync

Keep contractors, dealers and staff up-to-date with automated reminders via email or text message.

The Buildxact scheduling and job management features in a laptop

Simple to use, but powerful features

Access easy online tools from anywhere using a browser and internet connection. Assign tasks with simple drag-and-drop tasks that set dependencies, critical paths and come with color-coded status and print options.

Sharpen your skills

Stay ahead of the game

It’s easy to imagine the effect construction management software will have on you and your construction firm. Imagine having more time, wasting less money, and having happier customers, all while growing your construction industry business. You don’t have to just imagine it though. Let’s have a look at how construction software benefits construction businesses of all sizes.

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A simple monthly payment includes customer support, training and upgrades.

A builder on-site using Buildxact on their mobile phone

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