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Easy-to-use estimating takeoff software

Buildxact’s takeoff software will empower construction professionals to build smarter, not harder.

Buildxact has all the features custom home builders need, and none they do not, since it’s custom designed and built for the needs of residential builders and trades.

Buildxact’s estimating software is so easy to use, construction professionals and their team can get started quickly with minimal training. Starting from the first client meeting, all the way to the final invoice, Buildxact is the only takeoff software custom home builders will need to get their estimates done right and to manage their residential construction jobs – end-to-end.

A stylised look at the estimating screen with pricelists and recipes

A simple, better way

Custom home builders can bring their estimating and project management together onto one platform, easily sync with their existing construction accounting software so there is no double handling of information.

Builders can complete takeoffs online up to 80% faster – win back their evenings, stress less and spend more time growing their business with Buildxact.

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Key benefits of Buildxact’s estimating takeoff software

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Save time

No more late nights or weekends behind the computer. Custom home builders can use Buildxact’s residential construction takeoff software to automate manual processes and save time. Custom home builders can to do the takeoff once, then have the measurements available to estimate any other items.

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Improve accuracy

Swap Excel, paper plans and scale rulers for takeoff software and let Buildxact do the calculations for you. By removing the risk of human error, you will have confidence that your numbers are accurate not only the first time, but every single time.

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Win more work

Custom home builders will be able to quote accurately and quickly (up to 5x faster!) with Buildxact’s quotation tool. Stand out from the pack with customizable professional quotes and prompt communication with homeowners.

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Increase efficiency

Custom home builders can use Buildxact to measure and estimate jobs, in one step, with takeoffs automatically linked to the item costs. Count items and measure takeoffs in square, linear or cubic meters. The takeoff software allows builders to easily manage and quickly make changes to construction projects with just a few clicks, making the overall takeoff process much easier and faster.

Icon to represent maximising your profit

Maximise profitability

Custom home builders can have confidence that their project is profitable from the first takeoff to the final invoice. Buildxact’s easy-to-use cloud-based building construction management software means custom home builders can manage jobs and track costs from the palm of their hand, so they never miss a thing.

An icon to represent Buildxact reducing your uncertainty with managing your business

Reduce uncertainty

Remove the guesswork of your project’s profitability with a clear view of budgets in real-time. Custom home builders can easily integrate Buildxact with their existing construction accounting cloud-based software and sync invoices and purchase orders, which means a lot less admin and, as a result, a lot less risk of mistakes.

Key features of Buildxact

The only construction takeoff software you need.

Complete takeoffs online 80% faster

Custom home builders can forget about Microsoft Excel, paper plans and scale rulers –  complete your takeoff on-screen
in minutes with Buildxact’s
user-friendly polygon tool.

Builders can price jobs in one step with digital takeoffs linked to item costs.

Create quick and accurate cost estimates

Custom home builders can streamline their estimating process with templates, checklists and recipes (group of material and labour) features and re-use them over and over again, once they are in the system. Builders can connect with their supplier for real-time pricing, or upload their own price list for seamless estimating and takeoffs, not just the first time, but every single time. Custom home builders can rest easy knowing there are no mistakes or missed items.    

Send professional quotes 5x faster

Buildxact helps custom home builders stay ahead of their competitors and win more work with detailed and beautiful quotes, using the Buildxact quotation tool.

Builders can quote quickly with customizable templates based on the estimate and supercharge the RFQ process with suppliers and subcontractors. 

Manage jobs easily

Custom home builders can keep their construction business running efficiently and stay on top of all the elements of the project with Buildxact’s construction project management software.  Builders can save time by building their schedule directly from their estimate and use it as the single source of truth for each project. Custom home builders can stay in constant communication with subcontractors, suppliers and other teams involved in a project with automated email and text reminders.    

Track costs in real-time

Buildxact allows custom home builders to always know whether a job is over or under budget with clear cost-tracking features. Builders can improve future estimates and finetune their future takeoffs with easy cost-tracking that compares the estimate to the actual amount spent.

Custom home builders can create purchase orders and work orders, and keep track of multiple jobs in one clean dashboard.

Sync your accounting software

Buildxact allows custom home builders to connect to Xero, MYOB or Quickbooks construction accounting software and sync invoices and purchase orders.

Builders can access all of their plans and accounting data on the go or at the job site, so they do not have to wait until they are back at the office to check their numbers or send an invoice.

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Getting started couldn’t be easier! Buildxact’s takeoff tool is easy to set up and run in a matter of minutes. Just upload your drawings into one of our pre-made templates, and in 10-minutes, you’re 85% done with an estimate.
Buildxact’s takeoff software is easy to use. To do a basic takeoff for flooring, you can use the metre squared measurement feature. Simple use one of the estimate templates available and select your unit of measurement Watch the full video

Absolutely! Buildxact’s takeoff tool has a wide range of recipes designed to save you time and stress.

Recipes can be used to quickly add a pre-build of items into a project, including materials and labour. Carpenters can use recipes in Buildxact for things like framing

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