Global software company appoints Leah Walling EVP Demand Generation, interim EVP Marketing

AUSTIN, TEXAS— February 7, 2022Buildxact, a global SaaS company providing a simple solution for residential builders to better manage and grow their business, announced today that it has hired Leah Walling as Executive Vice President of Demand Generation and interim Executive Vice President of Marketing. Walling’s hiring comes as the company builds out its international team beyond 100 members and increases the pace of hiring in North America.

In her new role and expanded responsibilities, Walling has oversight over all aspects of global marketing to drive customer demand and revenue. Along with Walling, Jennifer Castenson has joined Buildxact as Vice President of Ambassador and Industry Partner Programs. In this role, Castenson leads and develops programs for the vertical markets involved in custom home building and remodeling and for the industry stakeholders who guide the latest product solutions. 

Using Buildxact, custom home builders are saving as much as 80% the time it takes to complete painstaking, manual tasks like material takeoffs. The cloud-based software also serves as a platform for builders, contractors and dealers to collaborate online to eliminate costly pricing errors and to work more effectively by reducing time spent waiting on replies to emails and phone messages.  

 “We are excited to bring in talented leaders like Leah and Jennifer who are scaling our business to new markets and extending awareness of our products to an increasingly diverse set of custom home builders, remodelers and industry partners,” David Murray, Buildxact President and CEO said. “Having Leah and Jennifer’s unique perspective will ensure we stay on track as we grow.”  

He said with these hires, Buildxact is deepening the diversity and experience of its leadership team at a pivotal moment in time as the company expands in North America and looks to untapped markets in the United Kingdom. 

In fact, a recent study from McKinsey & Company titled Women in the Workplace 2021 found that companies that focus on hiring women across the enterprise are more likely to have more supportive policies in place that combat bias, support people of color and build sustainable work practices.1 

Prior to arriving at Buildxact, Walling led marketing teams at Oracle, The Myers-Briggs Company, Cohesity and Medallia. Now at Buildxact, Walling said Buildxact is well-positioned to help custom home builders and remodelers accurately build supply lists and estimate costs at a time when supply prices are rising and materials can be in short supply.  

“Our company in the past few months has grown at a record pace in North America, and our strategic priorities have set us up well for continued expansion in 2022. This is an exciting time for Buildxact, as we continue to help custom home builders and dealers work more efficiently and get more jobs done,” she said. 

As Buildxact continues to grow internationally, the company has not lost sight of the importance of collaboration and building relationships with its customers, Castenson said. Castenson formerly served as Vice President of Programming for Zonda, a national media company that specifically serves the construction industry. She is also a board member of the Skilled Trades Alliance, which promotes careers in carpentry, mechanics, welding and other trades. 

“As we continue to grow our customer base, Buildxact remains committed to elevating the construction industry through programs such as workforce development, diversity and inclusion initiatives and sustainable building practices,” she said. 

Buildxact has set internal recruiting and hiring targets to ensure the company considers groups like women and people of color who are underrepresented in the construction industry. 

In addition to the hiring of Walling and Castenson, Buildxact has added the following additional talent to its North American team since January 2020:  

  • Stephen Yates, Executive Vice President Enterprise Sales 
  • Gary Wood, Enterprise Sales Senior Account Manager  
  • Adam Maclean, Director of Market Development  
  • Cheri Clemons, Graphic Design and Multimedia Specialist 
  • Hunter Craven, Customer Success Manager  
  • Josh Formosa, Account Executive  
  • Nick Foster-Business Development Manager  
  • Eduardo Gonzalez-Guevara, Content and Social Media Manager  
  • Alberto Guerra, Enterprise Sales Account Manager 
  • Beth Helberg, Partner Marketing Manager 
  • Kendall Leslie, Partner Success Manager 
  • Reshmie Natal, Website Manager 
  • Ryan Noonan, Technical Customer Support Specialist  
  • Thomas Margolles, Account Executive  
  • Greg Perliski, Content Marketing Specialist  
  • Adam Rosenfield, Talent Advisor 
  • Joey Rousseau, Customer Success Manager
  • Marc Saenz, Business Development Manager
  • Alex Volney, Account Executive 
  • Marissa Wagner, Marketing & Communications Manager  
  • Avery Watson, Enterprise Sales Account Manager  

About Buildxact 

Buildxact gives custom home builders, contractors and dealers control of their business to get jobs done. Using easy-to-use features, job estimates take less time and ordering supplies is possible 24/7 using online price lists. Founded in 2011 in Australia, Buildxact continues to expand globally, operating in the United States and Canada from its regional headquarters in Austin, Texas. Buildxact also does business in New Zealand. 

The company recently secured $14 million in capital investment to boost its growing presence in North America and expansion into the United Kingdom in 2022. Buildxact ranks among the fastest-growing companies in Australia as recognized by The Australian Financial Review’s 2021 Fast 100.