November 18, 2021
Austin, Texas 

Buildxact, an estimating and project management software for dealers and custom home builders, announced today its integration with Epicor’s BisTrack Solution, an ERP software for building material suppliers and distributors. 

This integration addresses the long-time industry challenges of time efficiency and cost accuracy in the builder order submittal process by digitizing the typically manual operation. Dealer customers using Buildxact now will be able to create and send an order that passes through the dealer’s integrated BisTrack ERP system creating more speed, transparency, and accuracy at any time convenient to the customer.  

This software collaboration offers the dealer the opportunity to elevate its level of service, reduce cost of service, capture more business, improve customer retention rates, and capture real-world project data for more accurate demand planning.  

“BisTrack has a strong reputation with dealers across the country, which we will leverage and layer on to, offering our comprehensive suite of features that can remove cost and complexity,” said Stephen Yates, president of North America for Buildxact. “In an ever-evolving world of technology, BisTrack and Buildxact coming together represents a huge win for the advancement of the dealer industry at large, positioning them to better compete with large retail home centers.”  

“This now digital connection removes the burden from dealer sales teams and extends the interaction between the builder and dealer,” said Graham Rigby, regional vice president of sales at Epicor. “Now dealers can focus outside sales teams on earning more business from the builders where they can grow business. This is a great way that technology will reshape the sales role to be more relationship driven and less transactional.”   

Buildxact also offers the dealer the ability to create product assemblies as another convenience to customers that also helps them win more of the project.  

Dealers will be able to track consumer purchasing behavior and preferences to project future demand accurately. This visibility into the future will allow dealers to protect their margins, foster price stability, and provide delivery assurance. 

The partnership between Epicor and Buildxact will establish a managed ecosystem, by enabling stronger partnerships between dealers and custom home builders, and by providing deeper insights to help boost supply chain efficiency. 

“This is the future of the construction industry. Meaningful innovations and partnerships like this one will create an atmosphere that sets up custom home builders and dealers for sustained growth,” said Buildxact CEO David Murray.