Don’t let the myths of estimating software hold you back from growing your business.

  • When you want to take the plunge but you have too many reasons why you shouldn’t.
  • When you question whether it’s all too hard and maybe you should stick with your current system.
  • If you’re questioning whether you should give estimating software a go.

Here are 4 Myths about estimating software you can finally put to rest:

It’s all too complicated

The most common myth about estimating software is that it’s too complicated and hard to learn. That used to be true before well designed cloud software became available in the last few years.

Like any software package, it’s only as complicated as the developers make it. Buildxact software developers have had 10 years experience with works management under older software models, and now a further 6 years with easier and more mobile cloud software. Software developers from Buildxact are dedicated and passionate about helping people like you save time and achieve business growth and profitability on projects. It’s in their interest to make things user friendly and simple to use.

Cloud Computing and a sensible designed intuitive workflow from Takeoff measurements to job profitability is why Buildxact is the leader in Job Management software for builders and tradies.

This hasn’t been achieved by accident – we have worked with hundreds of builders in Australia and New Zealand, and with Master Builders Association using Buildxact to train over 2000 builders undergoing building license registration courses. So Buildxact Estimating and Job management makes sense to tradies because they have helped in the use and design ideas.

They always have a help guide, tutorials and a technical support team ready to answer your questions. Here at Buildxact we offer free training sessions and you can call us during business hours on 1800 965 597.

It’s for computer geniuses only

That may have been true 5 years ago or if you are still being sold older style software that’s not on the cloud. These systems required you to install software, set it up, update, backup your own data (and recover after failure) maintain, pay for maintenance and learn how to really operate it before you get benefits flowing. So training was probably expensive and time consuming and you needed to budget upwards of $5000 to get stare proficiently.

What about a cloud software like Buildxact? Nothing like this is now required. Firstly its easier to understand and use. Allow a few hours to get started. And you can be up and going by spending $100 to $200 per month (depending on how much function you use).

You can use your current PC, Mac or laptop. And you don’t have to wait for install disks. Just log on to the software on the internet. Anytime anywhere you can access your estimates, quotes and jobs.

If you have basic computer skills and know how to turn on a computer, you can readily master Buildxact estimating software. Templates for different types of jobs are already there as a fast start tool. Change them for your types of jobs and use any past quote as a type of template for the types of work you undertake. It’s then just a matter of entering the information into your software.

Materials, plans, specifications, costings and mark-ups are all taken care of in the software by simple prompts and buttons, and you only have to enter it once so it saves you time in the long run. So you can be the genius at building but you don’t have to be a computer genius too with cloud based simple tools like Buildxact.

Estimates are not accurate

With an estimating software like Buildxact your plans are easily uploaded and the software does all the heavy lifting for you because you’ve already got your price lists and supplier information in the system.

Templates provided or enhanced by you prompt you for every area that’s relevant to be costed and not forgotten in the quote. The biggest source of inaccuracy is eliminated just there. Forgetting to include items!

The estimating software enables on screen accurate fast measurements and takes care of all the calculations while making your estimates look professional and emailed quickly to your clients winning you more jobs.

Takes too long to learn

Like any new system it will take some time to learn but you want to be professional right?

So expect in Buildxact for example to see videos for every area showing examples that are practical and relevant (we are up to 40 or so of these for Buildxact all accessed on-line whenever you want at no charge), plus prompts on the screen, plus examples and templates, plus a free tutorial up to 3 hours …. It all adds up to efficiently and quickly at low cost overcoming the initial learning challenge and quickly getting the benefits of organisation, accuracy, productivity and improved cash flow.

You don’t want to be a builder who struggles with getting quotes out quickly or loses track of scheduling and getting projects built with speed and quality. The team at Buildxact don’t want that for you either, that’s why they are dedicated to supporting you to learn and use Buildxact to get early benefits, save time and master the basics of productive job management.

Like with any successful business you’ll have to be dedicated and dedication pays off.  The time it takes to learn an estimating software is peanuts compared to the time it will save you! We believe that and help you achieve significantly improved productivity and confidence.

Don’t let those myths about estimating software hold you back any longer. The long term effects on your business can be devastating and sometimes catastrophic. Your customers will love your professional and accurate quotes with Buildxact and you’ll save time and get your life back.

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