Connecting you and your on-site crew

The mobile app built for construction. Building supervisors, project managers, employees and subcontractors have one place to manage and view team updates.

The Buildxact Onsite Mobile App

Seamless communication for construction workers to connect the job site and home office

Never miss a beat from the job site again with Buildxact’s construction app. Buildxact Onsite allows you to manage all your jobs from your mobile device, tablet, laptop or desktop. Whether on the job site or in the office, view construction projects, follow their progress and communicate with your construction contractors and trades. 

Job management across all your devices

View jobs and share details, photos and PDFs with your team all from the construction app.

Track daily job progress with site diary

Sync with the web app site diary to share job progress. Everything from variations to schedule changes can be shared from Onsite to your Buildxact project data.

Quickly solve labour shortages

Find workers for your entire project team by posting job ads directly to our network of subcontractors. Share a job opening in a few simple steps and receive applications straight to your mobile device.

Already a Buildxact user?

Download Buildxact Onsite from the App Store or Google Play Store and see all the key features in action. 

Once downloaded, simply log in with your Buildxact credentials to get started with project management tools made for your entire team. 

Job updates for all to see

  • With Buildxact Onsite construction project management, you can view jobs from your mobile phone or tablet. All construction site progress automatically syncs to your Buildxact web account.
  • View previous jobs you’ve created in Buildxact and make changes directly from your mobile device, anywhere.
  • Invite your entire crew to collaborate in Buildxact Onsite, so they can post and view job updates as they happen, keeping everyone on the same page and on schedule. 
See all your job details in Buildxact Onsite

Track progress with the site diary

  • Use the site diary to share project progress and site conditions.
  • Share progress photos and project data related to the job and have access to everything, whether you’re using the mobile app or your desktop platform.
  • Each job has it’s own site diary, so there’s no confusion across multiple projects. With streamlined communication, everything is clear and organised.
  • As your team shares updates with one another, everyone stays on the same page to see what’s done and what’s up next. 

Need another hand? Post a job

  • Onsite acts as job site management software with access to thousands of trades, allowing you to post ads for open positions.
  • Fill job openings quick and easy, and sync all information back to your created jobs in Buildxact and Buildxact Onsite.
  • Once hired, invite new team members to collaborate on the job and share updates using the site diary to keep in touch.
  • All of your job site employees, contractors and subcontractors can easily access relative project information in one place for clarity and simplicity.

Buildxact Onsite - a mobile app for construction

Save time from first quote through takeoff to invoicing. Buildxact’s cloud-based construction software makes total job management easy — flowing inputs seamlessly into a suite of construction management software tools that accelerate every step.

Faster Takeoffs

Automatically generate takeoffs, bills of quantities, and instantly add costing information to your quote letter. Just upload your PDF plans. Then measure and price your jobs with a few clicks.

More Accurate

Complete accurate estimates with real-time prices and item information directly from  suppliers’ price lists. Do your estimates at a time that suits you.

More Professional

Quickly turn your estimates into sharp-looking quotes and invoices, using templates personalised with your logo, specifications, and PC/PS breakdowns. 

More Efficient

Generate schedules from your estimates. Identify critical paths. Adjust automatically when pushbacks occur. Save more time by keeping your entire project team in the loop with Buildxact | Onsite.

Easy to integrate

Buildxact information flows into your accounting software. Integrations with Xero, Quickbooks, Deputy and other software takes you seamlessly from takeoff through billing for a single source of truth.



Get the support you need. Our friendly team of experts are available to answer any question. We also offer interactive workshops, on-demand training webinars, a rich knowledge base of FAQs and tips and 1:1 consultation.

Mobile FAQs

The app can be downloaded straight to your mobile phone on both the Google Play Store (Android) and the App Store (Apple).
– To download the app via an Android phone, tap here.
– To download the app on an Apple phone, tap here.

The app is compatible with a wide range of mobile devices, including Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. Please visit the App store or Play store download page to confirm if your specific device is compatible.

The mobile app is free to download. 
However, to sync jobs and the site diary across platforms, you must be on a PRO or TEAMS plan.  
If you are already on a PRO or TEAMS plan, job and site diary syncing is included. Simply sign-in to your mobile app using your Buildxact account details and all your existing information can be accessed. 

For more information about plans or to upgrade, click here. 

The Buildxact Onsite app provides new functionality in addition to the existing Buildxact platform. This mobile app has been created to help Buildxact users manage their onsite team, while giving team members a simple way to view and share information and updates.  

Once signing in, users can: 

  • Create a profile 
  • Invite all team members to a job
  • Post photos and view files posted from your Buildxact account
  • Message your team straight from the app
  • View and post updates to the site diary

Please see an explanation as to which option to use:

1. Login with Buildxact

Use this option if you have an existing Buildxact account on PRO or TEAMS. When you navigate to ‘My jobs’, you will be able to access all your existing jobs. If you are on an ENTRY plan, you will be required to upgrade to view all your jobs in ‘My jobs’.

2. Login/ sign-up with Mobile

Use this option if you are a contractor, employee, or other team member. Once you sign in/sign-up and are invited to a job, you will see the job appear in your ‘My jobs’ tab.

When you first open the app, there will be two login options. 

If you already have a Buildxact account on a PRO or TEAMS plan, simply select ‘Login with Buildxact’. 

When you navigate to ‘My jobs’, you will be able to access all your existing jobs. ENTRY plans will not see any existing jobs. An upgrade is required to view jobs on mobile. 

To invite team members to a job, navigate to the ‘My jobs’ tab on the mobile app. Select the relevant job and scroll down to the ‘Crew’ section. Tap the button ‘invite crew’, select the contact from your mobile address book and send them an invite. The invitee will receive a text message with information on how to download the app and join your job.

There are no additional costs for adding team members to your jobs. They can sign-up and use the app free of charge.  
All they need is a valid mobile number.

An active internet connection is required to login, and utilise the mobile app functionality. 

Feel free to send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. You can also use the live chat option by clicking the yellow circle at the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

A simple monthly payment includes customer support, training and upgrades.

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