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Easy-to-use construction takeoff software for builders and trades

Complete material takeoffs online up to 80% faster

No more paper plans and scale rulers – upload the PDF and complete your takeoff on-screen in minutes. Get started in hours with quality training and support.

Fast and simple construction takeoffs

Measure and estimate jobs in a few clicks with takeoffs automatically linked to the item prices. Link with your supplier for up-to-date pricing. 

Use and reuse your measurements

Do the takeoff once, reuse the measurement to estimate any other items.

Measure anything, anyway

Measure takeoffs in square, lineal or cubic metres. Count items and automatically link takeoffs to item prices.

Sharpen your skills

Stay ahead of the game

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to call it material takeoff, construction takeoff or estimation takeoff, a quantity takeoff is an essential part of any building project. Whether it is a large or a small job, accurate quantity takeoffs can mean the difference between a financial disaster and a completed project that keeps everyone happy.
If you dread doing a construction takeoff, you’re not alone. The construction takeoff process when done manually with paper plans and a scale ruler is time-consuming and frustrating. It’s a process that often requires repetitive work while still resulting in inaccuracies. Because construction takeoffs are a necessary part of the construction industry, having a takeoff process that is efficient and accurate, is essential.
Construction takeoffs sometimes referred to as material takeoffs, are an essential piece for almost any construction project. No matter the size of the job, takeoffs play a critically vital role in providing an accurate estimate for the builder or trader and their customer. It is even helpful for those in the electrical field since it will help them determine the quantities required for specific projects.

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