Forbes and Software Advice recently honored Buildxact for its construction estimating, project management, and ease of use.  

Forbes listed Buildxact software as the best overall construction estimating software for 2022, giving it a 4.5-star rating. Forbes editors considered pricing, general features and customer reviews when compiling their list of the best construction software solutions in the market.  

Construction estimating can make or break a custom home builder’s small business. As you know, estimates must be as accurate as possible to protect profits. Estimates include labor and materials costs. Using Buildxact, you can create estimates and bids that are as close as possible to the actual prices that come in as your project progresses – critical in today’s inflationary economy. Custom home builders like you need this to ensure bills are paid on time, your family is well taken care of, and you have money left over to enjoy life when not on the job.

Forbes highlighted Buildxact simplicity as a big plus because it allows you to use one system from takeoff, to estimate, to scheduling trades and even to the final invoice.  

And our users rated us 4.6/5 on Software Advice. The reviews highlighted notable features like centralized document management, visual task scheduling and easy-to-follow progress reports. All three are essential to help a construction project progress smoothly so you can finish on time.  

A great example of how Buildxact software works for the builder is takeoffs. Takeoffs are easy with our cloud-based software. You can use the online blueprints and scales to measure square footage quickly to ensure material counts and prices are accurate. Throughout the project, Buildxact gives you more visibility on your financials by offering comparisons between estimates and actual prices. This visibility empowers you to make educated decisions that are critical during times when supply chains are uncertain and labor shortages are common. 

Buildxact also allows you to automatically link takeoffs to the item costs so that builders don’t need to input them every time manually. Because it takes more than just one builder to complete construction projects successfully, our software allows users to share information and communicate with team members, general contractors and suppliers.  

The days of messy desks covered with essential work documents are gone. Buildxact helps keep everything organized and allows you to manage all project-related documents such as photos, blueprints, and plans. You also can track and document progress with pictures at each project stage. 

And you are never on your own with Buildxact. Customer support is always just an email message, phone call, or chat message away.  

Why bother trying any of the other options available to you? Listen to Forbes and Software Advice. You won’t regret it!  

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