Las Vegas, United States: Small builders and remodelers in the US will spend significantly less time on administration and gain more control over their cash flow and profits with the further expansion of the Buildxact cloud platform into the North American market, announced at the International Builders Show in Las Vegas on January 21st.

Buildxact is set to be a game changer for the hundreds of thousands of custom home builders and remodelers currently active in the residential construction industry, thanks to a unique design that caters specifically for the workflow a1d business challenges of this market segment. Buildxact helps builders keep projects on track, manage financials on the go, and schedule trades all on one single platform.

With its intuitive estimating and job management tools, American custom home builders and remodelers using Buildxact can cut the time spent estimating and quoting by 80 per cent. The construction industry across the world is lagging when it comes to tech, with productivity averaging only 1 per cent a year over the last two decades, compared to 2.8 per cent of the total world economy. For builders looking to grow in an evolving economy, tweaking their business model with better administration processes could improve productivity and help to carve out a competitive advantage.

David Murray, Chief Executive Officer at Buildxact said, “For the most part, small-to-medium construction businesses operate much the same way they have for the last 20 years. That is, quotes and invoices are largely manual, communications are done over the phone or email, and business admin is tracked in various excel spreadsheets or by an external bookkeeper. Often this is because they lack fit-for-purpose software tools to help them run the business side of building.”

“Buildxact helps builders manage their projects more efficiently with real-time, connected and accurate information. We’ve designed a solution where residential builders and remodelers can track their entire build from takeoff to final invoice, integrate with other online solutions, and spend less time on admin and more time on what’s important to them, growing their business or spending time with the family.”

Buildxact currently has offices in North America and is part of the Building Industry Association Los Angeles Ventura (BIA-LAV), to connect with other local developers, builders and consultants, and to help address some of the key issues impacting the industry. Tim Piasky, Chief Executive Officer at BIA-LAV said, “We’re delighted Buildxact is part of the BIA-LAV community. A major pain point for builders and sub-trades in the residential construction industry is finding a software solution that is easy-to-use. Buildxact not only brings a wealth of industry knowledge to our small builders and remodeler members, but a proven solution that enables builders to reduce estimation and quotation time and stay on top of project costs and scheduling, all on a single platform.”

Adam MacLean, Director of Business Development at Buildxact said, “For most builders, the thought of having to purchase, learn and roll out new digital tools sounds expensive and time-consuming. There’s a significant gap in the residential construction market for integrated and feature-rich solutions that are affordable, easy to use and easy to get started with. Today, our technology is a trusted tool for hundreds of builders across Canada, Australia and New Zealand to deliver new homes and renovations, and we’re excited to bring this innovation to US builders to help make their lives easier and simpler.”

The US will become Buildxact’s third market outside Australia, having expanded its services into Canada and New Zealand in May 2019 and October 2018, respectively. The company is growing rapidly, reporting 100 per cent year-on-year growth, and the launch follows its AU$8.5 million capital raise led by Aconex (now Oracle) co-founder Leigh Jasper in December last year.

About Buildxact

Buildxact ( develops estimating and job management software for residential builders. Founded in 2011, Buildxact creates technology to solve real pain points for residential home builders and renovators and drives innovation in the construction industry. Its fully integrated cloud platform streamlines the building process from preparing quotes and costings to purchasing, scheduling, project management and invoicing. Integration with other SaaS tools such as QuickBooks, Xero and Deputy fulfills the core needs of builders and remodelers to control cash flow and profit on projects.

For enquiries: Adam MacLean Director of Market Development (North America)
E: [email protected]: +1 (604) 339-4280