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See an overview of the entire accounting connection process, where you can integrate your accounting software into the Buildxact platform. Options for integration include Xero, Quickbooks and MYOB. Learn how accounting works in Buildxact, how to connect and get set up, as well as the syncing process between Buildxact and your accounting software of choice.

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3 key benefits of job management software

Are you still dealing with manual measuring calculators, spreadsheets, handwritten notes and passing everything off to the wife or office admin to enter? And then collect it all and give it to your accountant to redo again?

Are you drowning in paperwork and its starting to affect your business? More than 1 out of every 2 tradies businesses are suffering like this – and they don’t need to be!

Did you know there is an easier way to manage all your jobs in one place? It’s no wonder that purchasing, invoicing, organising jobs and also the initial quoting takes hours and hours. However, it does not have to be this way.

Here are three key benefits of having job management software like Buildxact that you can’t achieve with a manual or spreadsheet system:

Organise your management platform

Imagine a gantt chart project schedule produced in seconds automatically from the items or project tasks in your quote and coloured by trade. And start and finish times adjusted by a mouse to re-schedule whenever and however you want.

It not only looks impressive, its is easily updated and is used to send an email or sms to tradies to turn up on site even when you make a last minute change.

With the best available Job management software specifically for builders and tradies, there are no more lost files and cluttered excel spreadsheets or handwritten notes.

An easy to use but comprehensive solution helps builders, tradies, support staff and book-keepers get organised and stay on top of things for every project.

It is just as applicable to residential construction as it is to commercial building or landscaping or painting or electrical or other trades. All Your jobs are easily managed and you’ll have your finger on the pulse and be 100% in control.

There will be no more passing paperwork to the book-keeper or the missus to enter twice or more. Get it in once, and done right, and save tens of hours every week as you quote organise and schedule your work, suppliers and subbies. Good organisation is easier than you think.

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Connect your job management software with an accounting system

Having all your processes in one platform is essential to your home builder business. Accounting software is critical to construction companies because you can track and monitor your cash flows all in one space. Accounting integration is crucial in making your business management systems (and saves time for other tasks) more streamlined and easier to manage.

If you’re in the construction industry, a contractor or a tradie, a cloud based accounting system integrated into your construction management software is what you will ever need. Once you get started with a solution like Xero with Buildxact there’s no going back.

You will never want to use other software again. Your accountant advisor will help you operate your business by managing cash flow and real-time profitability without extra fees and charges because they can log in to Xero from anywhere and support your business with accurate data.

Managing your jobs just got that much easier for project managers. When you sync XERO (or MYOB or QUICKBOOKS ) to Buildxact the heavy lifting is taken care of. By linking your accounting software, purchase orders created as part of your job after a quote is accepted can be easily sent to suppliers from Buildxact.

And progress invoices are sent to customers. Payments and receipts are posted quickly without re-entry in Xero because Buildxact has an automatic sync button and Xero gets feeds from your bank statements daily without any data entry.

Take advantage of massive saving of time and bo+ok-keeping costs – they don’t have to re-key in data multiple times. Admin tasks are taken care of so your accountant and the missus will be happy.

Access anywhere, anytime with an easy intuitive approach

Construction project management software is designed to improve the workflow for construction projects. It’s intuitive and easy to use, so you can get up and running quickly. The software helps you set up task lists and manage them and correctly allocate crew and resources. More importantly, you can stay on track on your job costing and meet your deadlines.

Project management software is a great way to improve communication among team members. It keeps everyone on the same page, so you can avoid any misunderstandings or delays. The software also helps you keep track of your budget and expenditures, so you can stay within your budget.

Cloud computing and a sensible designed intuitive workflow from takeoff measurements to job profitability is why Buildxact is the leader in job management software for builders and tradies.

This hasn’t been achieved by accident – we have worked with hundreds of builders in Australia and New Zealand, and with Master Builders Association using Buildxact to train over 2000 builders undergoing building license registration courses.

So Buildxact Estimating and Job management makes sense to tradies because they have helped in the use and design ideas to improve the interface of our platform and mobile app.

Buildxact is secure and you will not lose your estimates or jobs data. All your jobs are saved in the cloud so you don’t have to worry about your information being lost or you forgetting to save (multiple copies are saved and backed up in secure locations and always available without intervention (no lost files for 4 years so far!).

Manage your jobs from anywhere and pick up where you left off. Tasks such as project planning or keeping track of due dates have never been easier with a job management software.

The benefits of going online for job management are numerous. For any builder, tradie or contractor having a job management software package is a game changer. Find out for yourself and sign up for a free Buildxact trial.

How job management software accelerates growth for small builders & trades

Job management software is quickly becoming essential for small builders and trades who want to accelerate growth and reach their business goals. This is true for those that work on one job at a time, as well as builders that manage multiple jobs simultaneously.

In this day and age, managing such things as your schedules, cash flow, variations, profit, etc, without the use of software is not sustainable, and you’ll find it increasingly difficult to compete against those that are using technology to maximise the way they operate their business.

Construction software helps you win more work

When pitching for new work it’s incredibly important to get your quotes right, and the best and most efficient way to deliver a top-notch quote that differentiates you from your competitors is by using estimating and job management software.

It will enable you to up the ante on the accuracy, presentation and timeliness of your quotes, ensuring that your business comes across as professional and competent, and this will definitely give you a leg-up when pitching for new work against your competition. Moreover, it will also allow you to analyse previous quotes, fine tune them, and use them as templates going forward. This means more accurate revenue, profit, cost and cashflow projections, and a better bottom line for you.

An all-encompassing, professional and accurate quote will reduce the number of surprises (eg. costly variations) for your clients later down the track. This contributes to building a good reputation which in turn helps confirm your business value, instil trust and increase referrals.

It gives you back time and money

Do you spend your day onsite, arriving home late at night to reply to emails, put together quotes, sort out invoicing and all the other admin that comes with running a business? Do you find that there simply aren’t enough hours in a day to get everything done?

This is a good time to reflect on ‘how’ you work. There are fantastic opportunities to slash hours off your quoting and admin by using fit-for-purpose estimating and job management software. It’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ it becomes unmanageable to grow your business and have a balanced life by operating the traditional way.

Online software platforms such as Buildxact can assist you to break this cycle, whether you’re building a new home, completing a reno or working in a trade.

You’ll be able to efficiently manage all aspects of each job from quoting, scheduling, purchasing and invoicing; and best of all, you’ll be able to do a lot of this onsite and not have to wait until you get back to the office, or be in front of your computer at home late at night.

Increasing efficiencies throughout each aspect of a job can save you anywhere from 50% to 80% in time, helping ensure that your jobs are delivered by their due date and to budget. And you’ll find that you’ll be able to take on more work and have a better control of your cash flow and profits.

It helps manage your people

Imagine if you could send automatic email and SMS messages to remind your subcontractors when work is to be commenced. With trade push-backs and scheduling changes frequently occurring, you need a bird’s eye perspective of your projects and an efficient way to manage people.

Fortunately, construction job management software helps you with this, enabling you to easily communicate with your subcontractors and help ensure that they adhere to the schedule. Forgetting to notify them of changes will be a thing of the past because everything will be automated.

In addition, software platforms such as Buildxact integrate seamlessly with Deputy, for time-sheeting, and accounting programs such as Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks to help streamline payments. So while you stay on top of each job’s financial status, you still have everything you need in your cloud accounting software without the inefficient and error-prone double handling.

Technology is the only way forward if you want to grow your business

The level of technology adoption in the residential construction industry is rapidly increasing as the benefits are clearly being seen across the board. As the industry becomes more competitive, there will be winners and losers, and using the right technology can help you be on the right side.

Those builders and trades that can respond faster, have professional quotes, and are able to run multiple jobs profitably are at a clear advantage. As more small builders and trades implement technology to quote and run their jobs, those that don’t may quickly find themselves struggling.

Job management software will increase efficiencies across the board in your business, helping you work smarter and not harder, and giving you back time and money to concentrate on the growth of your company. Now is the time.

Buildxact has been developed specifically for small builders and trades, is easy to learn and easy to get started with. Why not check it out for yourself by starting a free 14 day trial or booking a one-on-one demo.

8 top apps for builders & trades in Australia

Drills and hammers aside, the most powerful tool the modern tradesperson possesses is in the palm of their hand – their smartphone.

Powering up these nifty devices to deliver even more tricks of the trade, there are plenty of apps and software options available for those within the industry. Used correctly and implemented well into your workflow, they can even increase your revenue and save you time and money across the board.

So we’re counting down 8 of our favourite picks of the bunch. Streamline your efficiency and operations with these nifty apps and software options to make your job that little bit easier and take your business to the next level.

1. Google Maps

This app may seem obvious to some, but there are still some builders and trades out there using paper maps and old school navigation techniques to get by.

Loading Google Maps into your phone will not only provide you with handy GPS and navigation in your vehicle, but it also uses live information to predict routes that will bypass accidents, road works and traffic delays.

It will make it quicker and easier to get to your jobs, instead of wrestling a worn-out street directory.

Where to get it: iOS, Android

2. Hipages

This is the modern tradie equivalent of the Yellow Pages – yep, there is such a thing.

Get listed on this digital database where people go to find tradespeople of all professions, all targeted towards jobs large and small. Receive instant alerts for jobs in your area, providing a great way to expand your operations.

Find out more:

3. Xero

Paperwork is time-consuming. No one wants to be stuck behind a desk more than they have to be. Xero and other accountancy apps (like MYOB), allow you to effectively manage your financial requirements and keep on top of payroll.

You can also use the app to track all of your payments, incoming and outbound, giving you a true perspective of your cash flow for better forecasting. Enjoy an easy-to-use interface that’s user-friendly, highly automated, and free from unnecessary clutter.

Get it here: iOS, Android

4. Paypal (or another digital wallet)

Chasing invoices can be exhausting and can halt your cash flow – which is never a good thing for a small business.

Having a payments platform like PayPal or another digital wallet like Stripe allows you to accept payments on your smartphone, instantly.

Instead of invoicing, you may be able to collect immediate payment on some jobs instead of waiting longer than you have too. Speed up your cash flow and give your customers more flexibility.

Find out more:

5. Buildxact

It wouldn’t be a complete list without Buildxact. Designed to be an end-to-end building software solution, Buildxact should be in every tradespersons’ digital toolbox.

Use your favourite device to easily manage your estimates and job management capabilities, all through using a raft of powerful, but simple to use features. These include:

  • Construction management tools
  • Creating online takeoffs in minutes, not hours
  • Fast and accurate job costings which you can link to your existing suppliers
  • The ability to create professional quotes to send to clients.
  • Scheduling software
  • Cost and purchasing tracking
  • The ability to generate professional invoices and;
  • It will connect to your other software and apps like Xero.

Essentially, this job management and estimating software will cut out double-handling, simplify every process and get you back in control of your cashflow and help you maximise your profits.

Get your free trial here:

6. Airtasker

Sometimes jobs need a little bit of assistance to manage overflow – be that labour or admin. It is a great way to assemble an instant workforce, and you can browse users’ history. Explore a full history of taskers’ reviews and ensure you’re opting for a quality worker who will put their best foot forward.

Beyond that, you may even find a few odd jobs here and there, allowing you to gain better exposure for your overall services.

Get it here: iOS, Android or find out more at

7. Super-Bright LED Flashlight

This app is a simple one, but it’s a beauty. Trust us.

Use the flashlight that is saddled to your smartphone camera as a high-powered torch that you have on you at all times. Perfect for those tight spaces or awkward spots where you need to shed more light on the situation, it definitely beats carrying a torch and spare batteries.

Get it here: iOS, Android

8. Paper

If you’re on iOS this one is for you.

A simply-named app with a very basic use – providing you with digital paper.

Write, sketch, take notes, show ideas – everything you can do with a pen and paper but without the need for carrying them all with you.

The best part is that your notes and pictures can be saved digitally, so they are not lost to the ages. We’re all a little guilty of losing our bits and pieces when we need them most.

For Android users, we recommend trying out Bamboo Paper, which has similar functionality.

Get it here: iOS, Android

Ready to kick things off?  Grab your free, no obligation trial of Buildxact now.

If you want to find out more, get in touch with the Buildxact team now on 1800 965 597.

Become a paperless builder with TradiePad

“If there is one thing that builders and trades are sick of it’s being bogged down by paperwork,” Clinton Cowin from TradiePad told us when we caught up. He should know, having worked with hundreds of builders and trades to transform their businesses through the use of technology.

Starting out as a plumber, Clinton has first-hand experience of the amount of paperwork, double handling and lack of technology plaguing the industry. “I thought, there’s got to be a better way to do things.” So Clinton started TradiePad to help builders and trades find the best cloud-based software and technologies to transform their operations.

Ditch the paper and pen

Over 50% of Aussie small businesses are suffering from the crippling grip of paper-based admin and filing systems. This research by Xero has uncovered how paper-based systems can impact all aspects of business including time efficiency and admin costs.

Xero‘s study of small and medium Australian businesses revealed that only 31% of the construction industry is utilising apps. “Mobile devices and cloud-based software are the tools that we’ve been waiting for. We now have the ability to ditch the pen and paper and become truly paperless,” Clinton says.

Get your business in your pocket

“Office-based businesses have had the luxury of computers and software for decades, but the construction industry has missed out on digitisation purely because we’ve been waiting for the technology to catch up to us,” commented Clinton. purely because we’ve been waiting for the technology to catch up to us.’ Clinton says.

Both Buildxact and TradiePad are working to help free builders and trades from the shackles of traditional paper-based systems. Buildxact is TradiePad’s preferred partner for estimating and job management. TradiePad also recommends Xero for accounting, Formitize for paperless forms and Deputy for rostering and timesheets.

Once TradiePad has provided clients with software and technology to fit their business, they work closely to set these up and help with staff training. “This truly is the revolution we’ve been waiting for to help builders and trades transition from just being good at their trade, to being great at running a business,” Clinton says.

Go from good to great

There are a bunch of tricks and tools you can implement in your business today to build your efficiency and get some quick wins. Get the know-how on improving your construction efficiency with new technology and clever processes.

Ten reasons why every builder needs Xero

Xero is the fastest growing new breed of accounting software in Australia/NZ that’s cloud based, low cost and easy to use. Bookkeepers and accountants seem to be keen for their clients to move to Xero for good reasons.

Ten reasons why every builder needs Xero

If you’re in the construction industry, a contractor or a tradie, Xero claim to be the only accounting software you will ever need. Once you get started with Xero there’s no going back. You will never want to use another accounting software again. Here are 10 reasons why every builder, contractor or tradie needs Xero:

  1. Automated daily bank feeds:  Your bank statements are automatically imported so you can keep track of everything.
  2. Invoicing:  Monitor invoices with ease while looking professional with Xero’s branded or unbranded receipts and business documents. Instantly email statements to customers and get paid faster.
  3. Dashboard:  The Xero dashboard gives you a clear view of what’s coming in and what’s going out.
  4. User friendly:  Xero is known for its simple and clear interface. Its user friendly atmosphere will make you a convert and you will never use anything else ever again.
  5. Add-On an Estimating and Job Management Software Package:  Manage your quotes, jobs, schedules, create invoicing, purchase orders plus more. An estimating and job management software package like Buildxact will streamline your processes and help you manage your business while saving a heap of time at a very low cost.
  6. Sync your accounting:  As the easiest and streamlined builders software available, Buildxact estimating and job management software will ‘talk’ to Xero and sync any purchase orders or invoices you raise. No delays and just a click keeps project costs and profit available as you go.
  7. No more double entry:With estimating and job management software you enter your job invoicing data only once and it is synced to Xero. That saves your accountant posting boxes of paper entries of project costs and lowers your book-keeping fees. Work on cash flow and business growth with your advisors. Its what they do best.
  8. Purchase Orders: Manage your purchase orders with no double entry.
  9. Cloud Computing: Access anywhere, anytime, all you need is an internet connection. All data and information is backed up in the cloud and staff can easily collaborate using Xero.
  10. No installs:  As Xero is in the Cloud you don’t need to install any programs or call technical support. Just log on anywhere in the world at any time and have access to your accounts instantly. That’s true for Buildxact too.

As you can tell if you’re a builder, contractor or tradie you need Xero and the Buildxact Add-On to help you streamline every aspect of your business. Estimates, quotes and invoicing are all streamlined to save you $000’s every year, win more jobs and manage profit with less stress.

10 Reasons! It’s the smart move.

Join us as a partner.

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