Hybrid ways of working

Our team members are empowered and enabled to do the best work of their lives.
We offer a flexible, hybrid working environment that allows our people to work in a way that best suits them.

Meet Jennifer

Jennifer doesn’t work at our Texas office; she works remotely from her home in Ohio. She is part of the global leadership team at Buildxact and attends a lot of industry partner events, often working outside a traditional 9-5 schedule. Jennifer keeps close with the team through online collaboration tools, virtual meetings, catching up at conferences and the odd trip to Texas. Jennifer’s People Leader, an executive, also works remotely and in a different state. To unwind, Jennifer blocks out time in her calendar to spend time with family and to enjoy her sporting adventures.

Meet Ash

Ash enjoys the office life, choosing to work in the Melbourne office as much as possible. He enjoys the commute, the hustle and bustle of city life, and the large whiteboards he has access to for mapping UX design. Ash works 9-5, Monday to Friday, as that fits his partner’s working style and their life. Ash’s People Leader mixes her week, working from both the office and from home, depending on her activities for the day. 

A headshot of Buildxact team member Corryn Groves

Meet Corryn

Corryn chose to rebalance her lifestyle by reducing her hours to part-time. Corryn works both from home and the Melbourne office, depending on what works best for her role and her family that day. As Instructional Content Designer, her role involves periods of individual concentration without distraction, contrasted with epic collaboration sessions with other team members. Corryn’s People Leader, who is part of the Leadership team, recently took a different path, increasing her part-time hours to full-time, also choosing to work from both home and the office depending on her activities for the day and family and lifestyle commitments.

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