As the surge of Coronavirus cases begins to rise once again across the U.S., one thing is sure, business is changing, and we must change. Shelter in place, masks, six-foot spacing, small gatherings, and so on. While the construction industry is considered an essential business, it hasn’t been immune to change and work productivity. As a result, many construction business owners, both large and small, have a newfound resource: time. 

As foreign as it may be, the added time can have some positive effects. We’ve developed a list of five ideas to increase productivity at work with your newfound resource: 

  1. Soft skills to improve productivity: You have all the hard skills to do your job and do it well, whether that’s estimating a job, framing a wall, laying subfloor, etc. But how are your soft skills — communication, teamwork, and persuasive writing? In an article by Forbes magazine, soft skills like these are what they are now calling “power skills.” No matter what type of business you are in, soft skills and hard skills can help you be a more effective communicator. Whether it’s a regular email, social media post, text message, or videoconferencing, crafting the messaging is vital to your business success. Take the time to evaluate and re-calibrate your soft skills to match your hard skills.

  2. Improve productivity with videoconferencing at home: Take advantage of one of the many video conferencing services available. Your plans do not need to wait until you can meet your customers in person. Those days are gone. Your work productivity and jobs can continue by holding videoconference meetings. It not only saves time but can streamline your process. Homeowners are more likely to keep projects in the future if they know there are options beyond the in-person meeting.

  3. Centralize to optimize work productivity: If your information is scattered and is in several different programs that may not communicate effectively, even with each other, now is an excellent time to assess your business management tools. Consider a CRM (customer relationship management) system to help you stay connected to customers (and employees, if applicable), streamline your process, increase productivity at work (and at home), and improve profitability. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Buildxact offers a cloud-based construction software tool for small builders, remodelers, and contractors. You can be up and running in as little as two -hours with Buildxact— work from home (or anywhere) productivity tool for a team of one to many.
  4. Organization is key to work productivity: Spend time organizing or reorganizing your business to be more efficient and increase work productivity at home at a manageable level. How will you incorporate remote working and in-person projects or a combination of both into your business plan? Do you have the proper work from home productivity tools — videoconferencing, software for estimating, project management, etc. —for you and your employees or subcontractors? And, have you explored new sources for supply? These are just a few things you have control over to align your business for success post-COVID-19 and keep work productivity running smoothly.
  5. Routine and self-care to stay healthy and productiveWith more people and kids at home at the same time, your “normal” routine is anything but normal. Starting the day out right is good for your wellbeing and your productivity. Establish your new healthy routine and stick to it as much as you can by waking up at the same time, eating breakfast, enjoying the quiet time and get some exercise, even if that is a walk around the neighborhood. The pandemic has heightened our awareness of overall health, and a healthy you should be a priority now more than ever. A Washington Post article cited that getting outside for a walk has many health-related benefits, including lower blood pressure and improved sleep. 

Whether you’ve worked remotely for years or not, we are all experiencing a lot more time at home with the closure of many extracurricular activities. What you do with your time can be pivotal for your work productivity. 

Drop us a line and let us know how you’re using your time to increase work productivity at home: [email protected].