Features for Dealers

Know your customers, predict their next move

Learn more, help more, sell more

Customer data? It’s what you do with it that counts. Buildxact arms you with the data to not only provide better service and support, but to predict what customers need, before they need it.

A stylized look at the dealer client list in Buildxact

Centralized customer relationship management

Understanding your customers starts with your customer data. With Buildxact’s CRM, you can easily store, manage and track all your customer data in one place. 

  • Store all customer contacts, job information, notes, emails and SMS communications in one, central location, for easy reference.  
  • Track all customer projects, leads, estimates and project details to gain insights into buying behaviors. 
  • Create automatic notifications – to customers or employees to keep sales up and deliveries on time.

Supply forecasts

Go above and beyond, using customer data to predict what your customers will need – so you’re always ready and waiting to supply it.

  • Proactively support customer needs with sales pipeline management and inventory requirements predictions, using data stored in Buildxact.  
  • Forecast demand based on customer quotes and orders.

Stay ahead of the game

A simple monthly payment includes customer support, training and upgrades.

A builder using Buildxact on his phone onsite

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