Create accurate estimates in a fraction of the time

Rely on the construction estimating software designed specifically for residential builders and remodelers.

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Win more residential construction work with complete construction estimating software

You need more than estimating software. You need a complete set of software tools uniquely designed for residential builders and contractors. Do digital takeoffs, build accurate estimates using material from your dealer, and send digital RFQs, all from your dashboard.

Quote 5x faster

Use the digital takeoff tool to measure in a few clicks, align with labor and material costs to produce professional looking bids faster and without the errors of clumsy spreadsheets.

Simplify everything

Never miss an item with a checklist style estimating tool that easily creates an accurate estimate. Rest easy knowing your bid includes materials, labor, equipment costs and other overhead.

Gain a competitive edge

Create a template based on available samples to reuse over and over for more consistent cost forecasting. Use dealer templates and pricing to eliminate manual calculations and streamline repeatable jobs accurately and efficiently.

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Know your numbers with simple construction project management software

  • With Buildxact, you create accurate estimates that benefit your current work and improve ongoing project management for more accurate bids on future projects.
  • Add material and contractor labor costs, equipment costs and markup to ensure complete project estimates that achieve your targeted profit margins.
  • When using online templates of common construction projects, you overlook nothing, even for repetitive tasks that require many types of materials.
  • Moving to Buildxact is easy because previous templates saved using common spreadsheets can be uploaded to Buildxact. Past estimates benefit future work—it’s that simple.

Bid faster to win more construction projects

  • Use the on-screen takeoff tool to scale and measure your plans with just a few clicks of your computer mouse. Your takeoff data aligns your plans to specific tasks organized by estimate categories. 
  • Because Buildxact is cloud-based software, you can submit material orders and RFQs anytime, from anywhere that has an internet connection.
  • Construction estimating becomes more powerful because detailed line items produce complete, professional proposals 5x faster than spreadsheets. 
  • Buildxact software serves as a bid management tool that tracks bids in a simple dashboard. See what’s worked, what’s been sent to customers, and what they have approved.

Gain control and focus on what you do best

  • Record keeping and financial reporting take less time, giving you more time to focus on the actual work done at the job site.
  • Create project estimates and documents online, in a single place.
  • Skills you learn benefit multiple tasks. Change orders are quick and easy because you process them like estimates. 
  • Changes import directly into your budget reporting. Because there’s no double-handling of the data, errors that occur with handwritten notes are eliminated.
  • Update your project schedule while processing change orders so that the homeowner quickly sees delays and budget impact.

End all the budget hassles with easy construction estimating software

  • Project invoices and budgets are quickly generated from the same categories and line items used in your project estimate.
  • Imagine ordering supplies and planning subcontractor bids for subsequent home builds with the confidence that nothing has been missed. 
  • By tracking actual project costs against estimated line items, past projects make future estimating and budgeting more accurate.
  • Use Buildxact to track estimated costs against your actuals as the project progresses.

Streamlined estimating is just the start

Save time from the first bid with efficient takeoffs, estimates and invoices. Buildxact makes estimating easy — flowing inputs seamlessly into a suite of cloud based construction management software tools that use key features to accelerate every step of your business.

Faster Takeoffs

Automatically generate takeoffs, bills of quantities, and instantly add costing information to your quote letter. Just upload your PDF plans, then measure and price your jobs with a few clicks.

More Accurate

Complete accurate estimates with real-time prices and item information directly from dealers’ price lists. Do your estimates at a time that suits you.

More Professional

Quickly turn your estimates into sharp-looking bids and invoices, using templates personalized with your logo, specifications, and PC/PS breakdowns. 

More Efficient

Generate schedules automatically from your estimates. Identify critical paths. Adjust automatically when pushbacks occur. And save more time by keeping subcontractors in the loop via email and text.

Easy to integrate

Your Buildxact information flows straight into your accounting and management software. Integrations with Xero, Quickbooks, Deputy and other software takes you seamlessly from takeoff through billing.


Get the support you need. Our friendly team of experts are available to answer any question. We also offer interactive workshops, on-demand training webinars, a rich knowledge base of FAQs and tips and 1:1 consultation.

A simple monthly payment includes customer support, training and upgrades.

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For builders: The Entry subscription is for builders, contractors and estimators just starting out with takeoffs and estimates using software. Buildxact designed Pro for builders already accustomed to using software and for builders typically involved in whole-of-house projects using small teams of 1-3 people. Pro offers a full set of project management tools, like scheduling and professional invoicing.

For suppliers: The Pro package for suppliers is designed for account managers and store managers looking to free up time spent on multiple pricing conversations so that more time can be spent consulting with customers. The Enterprise package adds the ability to control user access to specific features.

There are no additional fees. Upgrades, maintenance, support and unlimited training is all included in your subscription fee. The only time you pay extra is when you add extra users to your account. Check out our pricing page for full details.

Buildxact offers 3 annual plan options (Entry, Pro or Teams). Each is designed to meet your specific business needs, and you can pay your annual plan in monthly installments or save money by paying in full upfront. See our pricing for all the details.

No. Buildxact is for construction estimation and construction management. It does not offer computer-aided design or drafting functions.

Yes, you can. It’s possible to upgrade your subscription from Entry to Pro or Pro to Teams at any stage. Contact our Customer Support Team by clicking the chat button on the bottom right of your screen in Buildxact.

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