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A plumber working on a toilet installation in a bathroom

Break through customer remodeling fears 

Movies and television shows poke fun at renovation projects gone wrong, but when your business is on the line, it’s no laughing matter. 

In this video, award-winning architect and builder David Pollard offers ways to reframe the negative thoughts customers can have about remodeling. By better understanding your market and your customer needs, you can manage your customers

The building quote template offers builders a better way to serve homeowners

The importance of a building quote

The foundation of a successful home construction project lies with a detailed construction quote and resulting contract. Clarifying, via a quote to the homeowner, the project scope, specifications, costs and timeline reduces payment delays and unfortunate disagreements. The use of a building quote template leads to a higher level of customer se

Two builders using nail guns to put up framing on a job site

Procurement in construction: proper planning improves your business

For the best customer experience, custom home builders know that good planning, coupled with proper management of homeowner expectations, is critical–especially in a tough construction industry experiencing potential cost fluctuations that make every dollar count.

By the time a home construction project is ready to break ground, months and tens of thousands of dollars have bee

Two builders with an iPad walking through a home construction

April product news: New features to streamline admin

Welcome to our first product update for the year!  

We’re super excited to collaborate with you and share our exciting new features, helping you save time and win more jobs. Let’s kick it off with the latest releases that will help give you more time to do the things you love most! 

Organize your week in a dash

Seeing what tasks are coming up for th

person using takeoff software on laptop

What is a quantity takeoff and how are they done?

A quantity takeoff is an important aspect to any project that has a budget or for making project bids. Without accurate quantity takeoff software, you could find your project under budget – costing you money, or over budget – losing you work.

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