What are soft costs in construction? eBook

When estimating the costs of a construction project, it’s important to include all of the costs in order to stay profitable. These are typically split into hard and softs costs. Check out our guide where we explore the difference between these two types of costs, give some examples of soft costs, and explain why soft costs need to be included in project budgets.

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April product news: New features to streamline admin

Welcome to our first product update for the year!  

We’re super excited to collaborate with you and share our exciting new features, helping you save time and win more jobs. Let’s kick it off with the latest releases that will help give you more time to do the things you love most! 

Organize your week in a dash

Seeing what tasks are coming up for th

What is a quantity takeoff and how are they done?

A quantity takeoff is an important aspect to any project that has a budget or for making project bids. Without accurate quantity takeoff software, you could find your project under budget – costing you money, or over budget – losing you work.

What is a takeoff in construction?

Construction project estimators, whether that’s you or an estimator on your team, use material takeoffs as ingredients for their project estimates. Once you know how much material a project

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