Welcome to our June edition of Product News! The Buildxact team are excited to share the work we’ve been doing to help dealers and sales reps deliver value add services to their builders. Through simplifying the sales process, dealers can continue to grow a loyal customer base.  

Let’s jump straight in! 

Respond to quote requests in Buildxact

When responding to quote requests, time is crucial. Dealers can now seamlessly capture RFQ requests and promptly respond on Buildxact using estimates and integrated price lists. With plans and takeoff included in the request, dealers can suggest additional or alternative items for builders based on availability. Collaborative RFQ centralizes quote management, accelerates response times and increases win rates. 

Collaborate with your dealers on Buildxact

You can now connect to collaborate with your dealers, just like you do with builders! Subscribe to your dealer price catalogs to get the information you need to share with your builders. Everything from product images, descriptions, product codes and pricing – even item recipes! If a special quote is required for a builder, get a price quickly with dealer quote requests integrated into your workflow. Get started now by inviting your preferred dealer.

Basket level pricing with Epicor BisTrack integration

Hot on the heels of integrating public price lists through Epicor BisTrack, dealers can now add customer-specific pricing to estimates and RFQ’s. This new functionality ensures any customer or store level specials can be included in customer quotes for accurate pricing. 

Proactive support with builder data insights

Stay ahead of the game with builder estimates on Buildxact. With builder data insights, dealers can view data ranges for number and value of jobs to see sales opportunities and design pricing tiers. Dealers can also proactively support builders with supply forecasts and assist on whole of house proposals, stock availability and alternative items using builder estimates and history.