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Know your numbers

Spend less time in the books, more time onsite.

Maintaining cashflow on your mind? Checking accounts taking up all your time? Ditch the worry. Reclaim those lost evenings and days off with Buildxact’s simple accounting and invoicing tools.

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Keep on top of your accounting, from bid to invoice.

Buildxact’s accounting and invoicing tools effortlessly track and report – putting you back in control of your finances. 

  • Connect to Xero or Quickbooks to sync invoices and purchase orders. Less admin means fewer mistakes.  
  • Sync invoices back to accounting software. Stop double-handling paperwork.  
  • Create one-click invoices and track customer full or partial payments to improve cashflow. 
  • Keep customers informed on payments with invoice statements, avoiding surprises and disagreements on what’s owed.

End the budget guesswork

Always know a project is on track using an easy dashboard that compares the estimate to actual spend, line-by-line or by category. 

  • Manage profitability in real-time, with accurate item cost tracking – from electrical and tiling, to site prep and framing. 
  • Quickly create POs/WOs and easily enter dealer and contractor invoices on the go with one click.  
  • Easily manage crew timesheets via the Deputy workforce management app to track resourcing costs. 
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Document change orders, in real time

Once the build starts, keeping track of client conversation about change orders can easily become an admin nightmare. With Buildxact’s change order management tools, make sure everyone – customers, subcontractors and dealers – knows the cost of changes. Don’t just verbalize your change order, document them. 

  • Access change order approvals with invoices highlighting changes from the old to new price 
  • Create change order on the fly using integrated dealer price lists and takeoff measurements 
  • Edit schedules, automatically update budgets and create purchase orders with one click. 

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Stay ahead of the game

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