Drills and hammers aside, the most powerful tool the modern builder possesses is in the palm of their hand – their smartphone.
Custom home builders should make sure they download the best mobile construction apps for use at home or at job sites to help them succeed in a very competitive industry. While some construction apps cost money to install on your mobile device, look at this as an investment in your business that will pay off down the road.
Powering up nifty mobile devices to deliver tricks of the trade requires you to navigate the plentiful number of apps and software options available for use by the construction industry. Used correctly and once implemented into your workflow, the best apps for use in construction can even increase your revenue and save you time and money across the board. The right mobile device app will help construction teams work smarter and efficiently to stay within budget and on schedule. This will ensure you are managing projects as best as possible so you can grow and increase revenue.
To help you get there, we’re counting down 7 of our favorite software picks to complement your existing tools so your construction teams can get ahead and succeed. We found these apps streamline your efficiency and operations providing the software options to make your job a little bit easier and take your business to the next level.

1. Google Maps

This app may seem obvious to some, but there are still some builders and trades out there using paper maps and old-school navigation techniques to get by.
Loading Google Maps into your phone will not only provide you with handy GPS and navigation in your vehicle, but it also uses live information to predict routes that will bypass accidents, road works and traffic delays to ensure you travel to and from a job site in a timely manner. You also can share job site locations and directions with the construction crew using the app.
It will make it quicker and easier to get teams to your jobs, instead of wrestling a worn-out street directory. This should be included as one of the “construction apps” you use.
Where to get it: iOSAndroid

2. Xero

Paperwork is time-consuming. No one wants to be stuck behind a desk more than they have to be. Xero and other accounting apps (like Quickbooks), allow you to effectively manage your financial requirements and keep on top of payroll while on the go. Mobile project management tools are essential and will make life much easier for the project manager on your team.
You can also use the app to track all of your payments, incoming and outbound, giving you a true perspective of your cash flow for better forecasting. Enjoy an easy-to-use interface that’s user-friendly, highly automated, and free from unnecessary clutter. This will definitely help with your construction management tasks. This should be included as one of the “best construction apps” you use.
Get it here: iOSAndroid

3. Paypal (or another digital wallet)

Chasing invoices can be exhausting and can halt your cash flow – which is never a good thing for any construction business manager who values their time.
Having a payments platform like PayPal or another digital wallet like Stripe allows you to accept payments on your smartphone, instantly.
Instead of invoicing, you may be able to collect immediate payment on some jobs instead of waiting longer than you have too. Speed up your cash flow and give your customers more flexibility.
Find out more: www.paypal.com/

4. Buildxact

Designed to be an end-to-end building software solution, Buildxact should be in every builders’ digital toolbox. When it comes to construction management and estimating, this is one of the best construction management apps available.
Use your favorite mobile device to easily manage your estimates and job management capabilities, all through using a raft of powerful, but simple-to-use features. These include:

  • Project management software to easily track construction projects end-to-end;
  • Online takeoffs created in minutes, not hours, to get your construction project moving;
  • Fast and accurate material cost estimates, which you can link to your existing dealers;
  • Professional quotes to send to clients;
  • Scheduling software to better manage labor;
  • Cost and purchasing tracking;
  • Professional invoices that connect to your financial software and apps like Xero.

Essentially, this job management and estimating software gets you back in control of your cash flow to help you maximize your profits and to grow your construction company. Buildxact will help you provide great customer service and make it easy for you to put together daily reports. The best part is that you can work on unlimited projects. It allows you to manage tasks easily and keeps your entire team in the field informed of any changes.
You can easily upload project documents to make sure they can be shared digitally with ease. Buildxact is not only an estimating software, it is a great construction management software solution for your team. When it comes to project management, you want to make sure your entire team can have quick and easy access to relevant information, to make sure the project progresses smoothly without any mistakes. This is definitely one of the best construction apps available.
Get your free trial here: https://www.buildxact.com/sign-up/

5. Airtasker

Sometimes jobs need a little bit of assistance to manage overhead – be that labor or admin. Airtasker is a great way to assemble an instant workforce of construction professionals. Explore a full history of a construction worker’s reviews to ensure you’re opting for a quality worker who will put their best foot forward.
Beyond that, you may even find a few odd jobs here and there, allowing you to gain better exposure for your overall services.
Get it here: iOSAndroid or find out more at www.airtasker.com

6. Super-Bright LED Flashlight

This app is a simple one, but it’s a beauty. Trust us. It’s great for specialty contractors, construction managers, general contractors and anyone else working on a construction project.
Use the flashlight that is saddled inside your smartphone camera as a high-powered flashlight that you have on you at all times. Perfect for those tight spaces or awkward spots where you need to shed more light on the situation, it definitely beats carrying a bulky flashlight and spare batteries. This should be included as one of the “construction apps” you use.
Get it here: iOSAndroid

7. Paper

If you’re on iOS this one is for you.
A simply-named app with a very basic use – providing you with digital paper.
Write, sketch, take notes, show ideas – everything you can do with a pen and paper but without the need for carrying them all with you.
The best part is that your notes and pictures can be saved digitally, so they are not lost to the ages. We’re all a little guilty of losing our bits and pieces when we need them most. This is great for task management, bid management, taking notes for daily reports and for tracking project progress.
For Android users, we recommend trying out Bamboo Paper, which has similar functionality.
This should be included as one of the “construction apps” you use.
Get it here: iOS, Android
As you can see, the best apps for construction are not always obviously intended for that specific industry, but that does not take away from their great utility in the field. A construction app should be anything you use at job sites or the office to help your construction business grow. The apps above will help you manage projects more efficiently to help you succeed.