About the builder: 

Sabado Homes is a Dallas-based design-build firm offering custom A-Frame and classic or modern-style lake houses. Sabado means Saturday with the idea that you can enjoy a lake house any day of the week while still affording a sense of relaxation a Saturday naturally brings.  

The scenario: 

When Matthew McCrimmon, owner of Sabado Homes, first started, his business was a menagerie of spreadsheets, Word docs, text messages, emails, notebooks, and trying to piece these all together. It became too much of a headache for him and his business. He started searching for a more efficient way to communicate with his subcontractors for a quicker bidding process. 

“I disliked going having to go into the office to look for a piece of information.” 

The solution: 

Matthew knew there had to be a better and different way to organize his business. He uses software to manage his personal life, and he was searching for construction management software that would work for his professional life. Enter Buildxact. Matthew chose Buildxact because it offered a two-week free trial, and he didn’t have to spend time on a call with anyone. He could jump right in.  

He started with takeoffs, and it was powerful for him, so he moved on to estimating. As soon as he had a question, he pulled up a video tutorial. From there, he’s moved along and is folding more and more of what he used to do on five other programs into Buildxact. 

“For us, it shows that we’re organized, which is a huge thing for a builder.” 

The result: 

Buildxact solved Matthew’s need for speed and accuracy from takeoffs to the bidding process. He’s fielding few phone calls and clarifying fewer details because Buildxact lays everything that needs to be bid. Accuracy has become more and more critical for builders because a little mistake five years ago is a huge mistake in today’s environment when it comes to material costs. 

“Buildxact’s estimating software allows me to create an accurate takeoff to send to my subcontractors to speed up the bidding process.” 

Advice to other builders: 

“To builders out there thinking about using Buildxact, give it a shot and just see how quickly you will be able to work the key features into your daily workflow.”