Sales enablement

Boost efficiency 

Empower your sales teams to close more deals and grow wallet share using Buildxact’s integrated pricing for building supplies. 

  • Increase share of the total build when you offer your builders and remodelers visibility across your whole-of-house products and item assemblies. With price lists offered within online workflows, builders see they have more choice in their order fulfillment.
  • Stay ahead of your competitors with a collaborative online platform builders use to win more work and return to you for more frequent, larger purchase orders.
A builder working on-site using Buildxact on a phone
Builder plans for a construction project


Lower costs and improve business operations

Achieve more for less, with streamlined quoting that cuts out emails and phone calls that waste time.

  • Save time with builders and remodelers accurately completing their own estimates and takeoffs using your competitive pricing and price files. Today, more builders and remodelers want to do their own takeoffs and say it’s easier to use dealer pricing to build their own quote.
  • Increase RFQ response times by centrally managing and collaborating quote requests. Your sales channels work more productively and your customers respond faster even as they win more work.
  • Reduce outsourced or in-house estimating costs when completing takeoffs, estimates and customer orders with online software. 

Customer insights

Enhance account visibility and use customer data to stay ahead     

Fast delivery of materials, like drywall, is one of the most important services a building materials dealer can provide. 

  • Know what your customers need, when they need it. With Buildxact, use data from past purchases for better visibility of customer demand and market conditions. 

  • Have the data to forecast demand manage supply to be ahead of your customers by viewing past customer jobs and online ordering completed with Buildxact.

  • Get to know your customers better with all your customer contacts, job information, notes, emails and texts centrally stored in Buildxact for easy reference.

A builder using Buildxact on her laptop while on site
A person working on a set of plans with a pencil on a desk

Project management

Deliver on your promises and build loyalty

Builders and remodelers consider dealer response time and fast delivery of quality material delivery more important to their success than even price.

  • Turn transactional relationships into meaningful connections with customers. As builder success increases, you form long-lasting relationships with customers who have more purchasing power.
  • Build trust and improve repeat buying throughout the job and beyond as customers see better results and keep you, their preferred dealer, top of mind.
  • Grow market share as you reach more customers and grow new customer accounts using Buildxact. New business is critical as many dealers lose up to 18% of their accounts within five years.


Work seamlessly – with customers, manufacturers and staff

Break down the admin barriers that slow you down, with smart integrations spanning builder interactions, ERP and POS, and email communications.

  • Digitize inventory management and the entire supply chain by integrating price lists and item assemblies with your ERP or POS.
  • Connect with your builders to provide insights and integrate price lists into your workflow.
  • Centralize builder communications for each job by syncing emails within Buildxact software.
A builder using Buildxact on her laptop while on site

Case studies

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A photo of Buildxact customer Sabado Homes using a laptop on a remodeling site

Online tutorials help Dallas builder quickly learn Buildxact

Buildxact solved Matthew’s need for speed and accuracy from takeoffs to the bidding process. He’s fielding few phone calls and clarifying fewer details because Buildxact lays everything that needs to be bid. Accuracy has become more and more critical for builders because a little mistake five years ago is a huge mistake in today’s environment when it comes to material costs.

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A simple monthly payment includes customer support, training and upgrades.

A builder using Buildxact on his phone onsite

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