Easy-to-use estimating and job management software for builders and trades


many tools

Easily transition from estimating,
to scheduling and job management. Compare 
your building estimate to actual spend



Forget time consuming paper
plans and scale rulers. Complete
your takeoffs online, quickly and accurately. 


Quicker quoting

Connect with your materials
supplier for up-to-date pricelists and
supercharge your RFQ process.

Track your leads digitally in one place

As new enquires come your way keep them all organised with the leads section. This is a great place to store basic info such as the budgets, type of work and client details. The enquires worth pursuing go through to estimates to get quoted on.

Complete takeoffs online up to 80% faster

No more paper plans and scale rulers – upload the PDF and do your takeoffs on-screen in minutes. Get accurate measurements in a few clicks, then add wastage and rounding as needed.

Accurate estimates in a fraction of the time

Estimating software uniquely designed for builders and trades. Use templates to give your quote a head start, add your prices or connect with suppliers to use live pricing.

Enhance how you communicate with your suppliers

Connect with suppliers to ensure that as prices fluctuate, you can estimate with confidence knowing yours are up to date. Request quotes from suppliers and see their replies come directly back into your estimates. Next level cost management!

Professional quotes 5x faster

Create accurate and professional quotes 5x faster with Buildxact. No more messing about with Word and Excel. We summarise all the info from your budgets, allowances, and inclusions into a modern quote to stand out from the rest.

Simple and flexible scheduling

Scheduling software designed for residential builders and trades. Stay on time of your job timeline, send reminders to suppliers and trades. Simple to manage with linked items and bulk moving, and easy to export for your client or on-site usage.

Track and manage your profitability in real-time

Know where your job is at with easy-to-use cost tracking. View your budgets by job, cost category or item to understand where the money is going. Send professional purchase and work orders to ensure things are logged and everyone is on the same page.

Keep on top of your accounting from quote to invoice

Connect to Xero, Quickbooks or MYOB to sync income and expenses. Buildxact does the heavy lifting then sends it all through to your accounting to be paid or reconciled. This also allows for additional layers of reporting via your accounting systems.

Take the mess out of customer communications

Put your best foot forward by communicating and collaborating with your customers through the Client Portal. Centralise the communication process so your customers can make quick decisions to keep the project running smoothly. Always know where things stand and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Case studies

A simple monthly payment includes customer support, training and upgrades.

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