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Who we are

We are growing fast. With that comes a lot of opportunities to build your professional toolkit and grow your career.

We believe in empowering our people. We are customer and purpose-driven allowing for high accountability, collaboration, decision-making and experimentation.

Experienced and approachable leaders support us. We are valued, encouraged to think big and mentored to build beyond our customers’ expectations.

We have fun and pump each other up. When we achieve goals, we high-five our achievements. We have regular events, awards and shout-outs to celebrate our efforts and success.

We stress less by putting wellbeing first. Whether it’s yoga, hockey or something else, we offer money to support your wellbeing, interests and the flexibility to enjoy them.

The Buildxact experience

  • Integrity 
  • Simplicity 
  • Empowerment
  • Customer success
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Our values

  • Do what’s right 
  • Keep it simple
  • It’s yours to nail
  • Customer success is our success
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How we work

Building great products

Our Product team takes pride in designing and building simple software to use and solves real problems for our customers.

The team consists of designers, developers, testers and product managers. We experiment, collaborate, problem-solve, make decisions, reflect and grow.

We do this with an agile mindset to see our customers succeed.

Spreading the word

Our Marketing team is responsible for driving demand and building our global brand.

We are a close, high-performing team that holds each other accountable for our work and enjoy every minute of the challenges we face.

We use data-driven insights to understand what makes our audience tick and design the messaging and content to attract builders and contractors.

Inspiring change

Our Sales team is motivated to make a positive difference to our customers through our products and the value they bring.

We inspire our customers to improve their ways of working, so they are more productive, time rich and ultimately successful.

We are high-energy, do what we say we will, and bring an informal communication style.

Supporting our customer’s success

Our Customer Success team strives to provide an exceptional customer experience for our customers.

We are made up of support specialists and customer success managers who make sure new and existing customers get the most out of our product.

We are detail orientated and friendly by nature. We want our customers to succeed and we do what’s in our power to enable that.

Enabling our business 

Our Shared Services team keeps the business on track, by hiring and developing the right people, and providing our teams with the right tools to do their best work.

We switch from big picture to granular detail.

The better we enable our teams, the better the outcome for our customers. It’s as simple as that.

Buildxact customers come from all walks of life, and our employees do too.

Our company strives to create an inclusive environment for everyone to thrive and be their authentic selves. Our success hinges on all of our employees being comfortable enough to experiment in their roles, be bold and grow their careers – we don’t grow without the growth of our employees.

What our team members are saying:

Where we’re based 

Despite our team being in multiple time zones, we are a tight group.

Santa Barbara, CA, United States

Austin, TX, United States

Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Perth, WA, Australia