Get to know our teams

Building great products

Our Product team designs and builds software that is simple to use. We are designers, developers, testers and product managers who immerse ourselves in our customers’ world so that we can create products that transform the way they work. We experiment, collaborate, problem solve, make decisions, reflect and grow. 

A photo of some of the Buildxact team

Spreading the word

Our Marketing and Demand Generation team drives demand and builds the Buildxact brand globally. We are a close, high-performing team that holds each other accountable for the work we do and relish every minute of the challenge. We use data-driven insights to understand what makes our audience tick and design the messaging, content, strategies and tactics to attract builders and contractors to the brand. 

Inspiring change

Our Sales and Enterprise teams are business development managers and enterprise account managers who are passionate about our products and the value they bring. We inspire our customers to become more productive, professional, time rich and ultimately successful. We are high energy, we do what we say we will, and bring an informal communication style that suits our customers. 

Supporting our
customers success

Our Customer Success team provides an exceptional experience to the builders and contractors who rely on our product. We are support specialists, instructional designers and customer success managers who onboard new customers and ensure existing customers get the most out of the platform. We are detail orientated, friendly and helpful by nature. We find fulfillment in seeing our customers succeed.

Enabling our business

Our Finance, IT and People Experience teams keep the business on track, by hiring and developing the right people, spending money the right way, and providing our teams with the right tools, knowledge, and experiences to do their best work. We can easily switch our lens from big picture problems to granular details. We prioritise, we flex, we look-ahead, we consider carefully to get things done. The better we enable our teams, the better the outcome for our customers. It’s as simple as that. 

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