With millions of dollars being allocated through energy efficiency rebates to the construction and retrofit of greener, more efficient homes, Buildxact has joined the Advanced Building Construction Collaborative, supported by the U.S. Department of Energy, to provide easy to use tools for you to maximize your book of business and operational efficiency while providing professional and educational energy efficiency proposals to homeowners.

We’ve noted some of the top resources and opportunities for you in our recent webinar, ‘Tap the Opportunity: Buildxact Offers Easy Processes to Get Rebates and Go Greener.’

Takeaway 1: Recognize the Opportunity 

Recent reports by the ABC Collaborative suggest that if all U.S. residential spaces are built or retrofitted to be zero carbon aligned by 2050, the current U.S. building stock can be considered decarbonized in terms of operational emissions.

Kicking off the webinar, RMI’s principal of carbon-free buildings Luke Toffoli, shared the ABC Collaborative’s thought leadership and market guidance reports, providing data points on a range of upgrade packages tested to identify retrofit work needed for decarbonization goals. His data points emphasized specific performance upgrades and packages needed for zero carbon aligned retrofits by type of work, climate zone and geographical need for the current housing stock.

Takeaway 2: Recognize the Resources

A second presenter, Adam Hasz, a home energy rebate implementation advisor with the Department of Energy, walked attendees through a listing of the rebates and resources available to homeowners and contractors to help finance these retrofit projects.

From product specific energy efficiency rebates such as heat pump incentives and tax credits for energy efficient windows, to broader returns such as federal solar incentives and residential energy credits for envelope upgrades, Adam presented to attendees the abundance of funding assistance for builders and homeowners on these projects. While tax credits are currently available for some equipment replacement, the federal energy rebate program is being finalized now—so, Buildxact will keep you up to date on progress as much as possible.

Takeaway 3: Make it Simple

Recognizing you have other things to do than review market reports, ABC Collaborative and Buildxact have built easy to follow processes to guide you to take advantage of better building practices. Buildxact’s executive vice president Steve Yates presented how the process works within the Buildxact platform.

Watch the webinar now to see how the Retrofit Decision Tool on Energy.gov connects to your Buildxact log in to quickly help you link products from the recommended retrofit packages to homeowner presentations, estimates and purchase orders.

With a platform that creates estimates 80% faster than traditional pricing tools, fast tracks rebate application, and follows guidelines in a few clicks, Buildxact makes it simple to build your business.

To learn more, visit Buildxact.


Lucas Toffoli

Principal, RMI Carbon-Free Buildings
Lucas is a principal in RMI’s Carbon-Free Buildings practice. He coleads RMI’s REALIZE initiative and leads the Advanced Building Construction Collaborative, launched with the support of the US Department of Energy.

The Collaborative brings together and catalyzes the collective efforts of a diverse range of emergent and incumbent building sector stakeholders. It works to accelerate the uptake, scaling and mainstream adoption of advanced building construction — technologies and other innovations for new construction and building retrofits that combine energy-efficient building decarbonization with streamlined, scalable industrialized construction methods — while supporting and leveraging modernization of the US construction industry. The Collaborative’s mission is to drive ABC in service of a decarbonized US building sector by 2045 while improving affordability, resilience and equity.

Adam Hasz

Home Energy Rebate Implementation Advisor | Officer of State & Community Energy Programs, U.S. Department of Energy
Adam Hasz is a project manager in the Building Technologies Office at the U.S. Department of Energy. In this role Adam works on strategic planning and project management for the DOE’s Advanced Building Construction (ABC) Initiative, an R&D and market transformation effort working to integrate zero-carbon solutions into U.S. construction and renovation practices. The ABC Initiative envisions a future where all U.S. buildings are (1) high-performance and zero-carbon, (2) constructed or renovated with minimum onsite assembly time and disruption, and (3) affordable and appealing to building owners, investors and tenants.

Adam originally joined the Department of Energy as a Science, Technology, and Policy Fellow in 2018. During his fellowship, he helped design and launch the ABC Initiative and helped frame the BTO FY19 ABC FOA retrofit R&D topic. Adam also helped launch BTO projects to measure the embodied energy of building technologies and to provide energy-efficiency technical assistance to Puerto Rico and other jurisdictions recovering from natural disasters. 

Steve Yates

Executive Vice President Merchant and Industry Partners, Buildxact

As EVP of Enterprise Sales covering merchant and industry partners, Steve drives Buildxact’s North American priorities and key partnerships as part of Buildxact’s global growth strategy. A veteran in the industry with deep experience in the global supply chain, Steve is an entrepreneurial leader.