Why remodeler management software?

In the current economy of relatively high interest rates and elevated home remodeling costs, homeowners may be spending more money, but it’s on a fewer number of remodeling projects. For home remodelers, this likely means, yes, continued revenue, but it comes with increased competition. This state of affairs requires builders spend more attention on first-class project and bid management.

Does that mean more office work? Not necessarily. Increasingly, competitive builders and remodelers are turning to time-saving remodeling management software to create detailed, accurate estimates that win jobs, even as those jobs attract an increasing number of competing bids.

Buildxact is a specific subclass of remodeling management software that can cut through the clutter. It provides end-to-end benefits to construction project managers.

With Buildxact, professional builders and remodelers apply their own skill and experience to online digital tools so that their unique talents can shine through to the customer and are not buried under dull admin work. 

An added plus with Buildxact, is that its set of software tools also can be used to better manage administrative work throughout the entire project lifecycle not just estimating and bidding.

When admin work is done more quickly, builders and remodelers are back on the job site ensuring quality work is delivered on time. With Buildxact, builders have simple tools to manage construction projects in a way that is unique to them, and this helps build competitive advantages down the line.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of complete project management software offered by Buildxact.

Buildxact is simple construction project management software

Buildxact has an array of digital and online tools that easily moves the builder from estimating, quoting to scheduling and budgeting. Everything is driven by basic point-and-click computer skills already familiar to most who use word processing, spreadsheet and email software.

Quote construction projects faster

To win jobs in a competitive environment, builders and remodelers have to be quick with accurate quotes. Having customers wait days or weeks for a bid often means the job has passed them on by. With Buildxact construction project management software, construction pros accurately quote jobs up to 5X faster thanks to digital takeoffs and online material pricing.

A digital takeoff screenshot from Buildxact.

With Buildxact, it’s goodbye to late nights after work reading paper plans and scale rulers. Builders simply upload a digital PDF to calculate material counts. It’s all done from digital measurements and a click of a mouse. Material counts align with Buildxact’s integrated estimate tool so that counts and material pricing quickly tally up across all the needed construction tasks, even for the most extensive remodeling project.

Because Buildxact offers ready-to-go estimate templates for things like kitchen and bathroom projects , getting started with construction management software proves much easier the most remodeling project managers who are new to construction software realize.

A key benefit of Buildxact estimating is the online connection to dealer material pricing. The latest material prices from dealers you know and trust ensures remodelers and builders earn a fair profit while building a reputation among customers for upfront project estimates that come with no dollar-sign surprises. Construction pros also can use Buildxact to research labor estimates based on the location of the project.

No hassle customer communication

Knowing costs is critical to quoting accurately and earning the profit margins remodelers and builders deserve. But it’s not enough to have those numbers in hand, they have to be presented to customer in a professional manner to win the job.

Buildxact helps with that, too. Buildxact construction management software is uniquely designed to help small businesses impress their customers. Buildxact offers prebuilt quote letters that allow for remodeling contractors to add all their necessary business details and specifications to customize templates in a way that works for them.

A screenshot of a custom quote letter built using Buildxact.

Over time, Buildxact users save quote templates based on their most common projects to make quoting an even more consistent and time-saving process for their construction business.

Manage construction projects the right way

Larger benefits to using Buildxact are realized once a job is won. Here, because Buildxact is an all-in-one-solution, builders and remodelers can quickly assign the tasks created for their job estimate to scheduling and planning tools with the click of a button. By not having to double-handle data, builders save time, all while keeping contractors, dealers and team leaders on the same page about material shipments and the proper order of work.

The Buildxact scheduling screen

More effective project budgeting

Tracking actual costs against the original estimate is critical to a successful project customer experience and a profitable outcome for the remodeler.

Tracking profitability is a consistent challenge for construction pros. Survey data gathered in 2023 by the Association of Professional Builders shows 40% of builders don’t regularly track gross margin of their projects and many don’t understand the underlying significance of markup and its relation to profitability.

The best project management software, like Buildxact, helps construction pros keep an eye on both markup and profit when budgeting projects. Buildxact gives builders 3 options for adding markup:

  • Markup can be added to individual section or categories of the estimate
  • Markup can be added to individual items
  • Markup can be added to the entire estimate

Track estimated, committed and actual costs

For complete financial management of projects, Buildxact now gives users the power to track estimated costs that flow direct from the estimate; committed costs that generate from purchase orders; and finally, actual costs that are entered as invoices and receipts flow into Buildxact. In this way, remodelers and builders have valuable insights that show how actual costs can differ from what’s initially expected at the time an estimate is made or a purchase or work order is recorded.

Also, as builders use Buildxact over time, they can track there most successful projects and use them as templates for future work covering similar size and scope. This way future estimates become more accurate and more competitive.

The accounting software integration screen

Recording external expenses and revenue with Buildxact is made easier with two-way sync with accounting software. For example, users of Buildxact and Quickbooks can synch purchases and customer invoices so the data only has to be entered once.

Want to learn more?

Whether a builder, remodeler or contractor, your business will benefit from construction project management software like Buildxact.

You will write more accurate estimates, create clearer bids, achieve your targeted profit margins and create the kind of reputation that wins more business. Imagine doing all of this while reducing the time spent in the office.

Do yourself a favor and contact a friendly Buildxact representative and book a demo to learn more. If you are ready to get started right away, why not sign up for a risk-free trial of Buildxact? Let us do what we do best, give you back the time you need to better run your remodeling projects.