Building on the success of the initial launch of Buildxact in North America earlier in 2020, Buildxact announces the appointment of Stephen Yates to the position of President, North Americas.

Mr Yates’ role will be to drive North American priorities for all Buildxact business units and in particular the development of partnerships with the LBM (Lumber and Building Materials) industry.

An experienced executive, Steve has deep understanding of the LBM trade environment in the US and around the globe with particular experience around industry and product innovation and what’s coming around the corner through technology, design, fashion, new materials and construction types. 

“We are very excited to have an experienced and respected leader like Steve join our team.” commented David Murray, Buildxacts President and CEO.  

David continued, as we continue to grow, we adapt our internal structure to best serve our customers and the business. Steve understands Buildxact and as a twenty five year veteran in the US market, understands how Buildxact best meets the needs of the residential construction industry in North America.

His appointment reflects our commitment to the North American market by Buildxact and will lead to increased opportunities for the Company.”  

When asked why he joined Buildxact, Steve answered, “culturally, organizationally, and practically, Buildxact is in service to the needs of the small to medium sized contractor. Buildxact customers are the people out there building our communities, and they are hard at it every day. It is an honor to be in a position with Buildxact to serve them well.” 

Based out of the Los Angeles region, Steve will be focused on accelerating growth of the Buildxact software platform with small builders. He will also be looking to improve implementation of the products capability and features for LBM merchants.

With Steve’s guidance, Buildxact aims to make the small builder customer’s lives just that little more easier and a whole lot more successful.