Movies and television shows poke fun at renovation projects gone wrong, but when your business is on the line, it’s no laughing matter. 

In this video, award-winning architect and builder David Pollard offers ways to reframe the negative thoughts customers can have about renovating. By better understanding your market and your customer needs, you can manage your customers’ expectations and face down these common renovation stigmas: 

  1. The project will cost more than expected 
  1. The project will take longer than expected 
  1. Emotions get in the way of smart decisions 
  1. The renovation cost is out of line with the property’s value 
  1. The renovation cost is unfairly priced 
  1. My renovation project will just make me miserable 

Renovators like you can combat each of these by clearly communicating your project’s purpose, scope, pricing and scheduling. 

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David Pollard is co-founder of LivCo, a U.S. renovation company based in Illinois that has won multiple industry awards and recognitions since its founding in 2012.