We’re giving Buildxact a facelift so you can use Buildxact more freely in your internet browser, meaning more of the things you’d normally be able to do on a web page (copy, paste, refresh, use navigation buttons etc). It also means Buildxact will be friendly with mobiles and tablets, as well as multiple different browsers.

• 75% faster load time
• Desktop, tablet and mobile friendly
• Friendly with Google Chrome
• Ability to edit dropdown lists
• Ability to store customer details for future use
• Back, Forward and Refresh browser buttons work!
• No logging out/in to see new data
• Drag and Drop to change order of items
• Notes can be deleted
• Add multiple docs / drag files to upload

… Just to name a few

We’re currently busy building and testing and anticipate release closer to the end of the year.

Will I have to change/do anything?
Not really.  We’ll be giving all our users opportunity to use both the new Buildxact and the current one together so you can get comfortable with it before the official release. We’ll make an announcement soon when that will be available.

As we move forward we’ll update all our tutorial videos, manuals, frequently asked questions etc to keep pace, and as a Buildxact user you’ll have access to all of that.

Sure, give us a buzz on 1800 965 597.