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Two builders using nail guns to put up framing on a job site

Procurement in construction: proper planning improves your business

For the best customer experience, custom home builders know that good planning, coupled with proper management of homeowner expectations, is critical–especially in a tough construction industry experiencing potential cost fluctuations that make every dollar count.

By the time a home construction project is ready to break ground, months and tens of thousands of dollars have bee

Two builders with an iPad walking through a home construction

April product news: New features to streamline admin

Welcome to our first product update for the year!  

We’re super excited to collaborate with you and share our exciting new features, helping you save time and win more jobs. Let’s kick it off with the latest releases that will help give you more time to do the things you love most! 

Organize your week in a dash

Seeing what tasks are coming up for th

A carpenter measuring up a piece of wood with protective gear on

Carpenter quote templates

By keeping your finances under control, you’ll be in a better position to build your carpentry business and seek new work opportunities. You’ll also find it easier to navigate tax time and the financial responsibilities of business ownership.

Timber framing of a new build in the sun

7 Construction estimating mistakes—and how to avoid them

Knowing your construction costs helps ensure that you take on profitable jobs so you can get ahead and compete with other construction companies in a very competitive construction industry. It takes a lot of time, and if you’re still creating them by hand or Excel, there’s more potential for costly errors.

Four builders working on a timber roof

9 ways to maximize your residential construction business’ profit

Now more than ever, it’s essential to keep your business alive throughout the economic recovery and into the future by ensuring you’re making a profit and reaching your goals.

There are many reasons why this may not happen — in good times and not so good times — such as poor money management, no marketing strategy, inactive quotes, and inaccurate estimates.

Builder uses his laptop and Buildxact to perform a project estimate.

3 construction project management tips that will improve efficiency

For most small builders, remodelers, and contractors, the owner does all the duties of a project manager and a whole lot more. There are ways to automate many of the functions of a typical construction project manager, achieves. Project management software allows you to save time and become more productive to handle more construction projects and have time for yourself.

Person at laptop computer using construction job management software

The importance of construction cost estimation

Creating an accurate construction estimate takes practice, skill and reliable data because each job has different variables. It remains one of the most challenging yet most important skills in construction. A recent study by Quickbooks determined that just two or three inaccurate estimates can be detrimental to a business.

Person at laptop computer using construction job management software

Our guide to estimating software for builders & remodelers

There are several estimating software systems on the market today, and many specific to the residential construction industry like Buildxact. Designed for the small builder, remodeler, and contractor, Buildxact offers an easy-to-use construction estimating software, as an integral part of an affordable construction management platform. 

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The Buildxact Tutorial Thumbnail

Complete estimate details

Begin an estimate in Buildxact in the correct and most efficient way. Enter information such as customer details, work location and uploading documents.

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A cover image for our eBook about the soft costs in construction

What are soft costs in construction? eBook

When estimating the costs of a construction project, it’s important to include all of the costs in order to stay profitable. These are typically split into hard and softs costs. Check out our guide where we explore the difference between these two types of costs, give some examples of soft costs, and explain why soft costs need to be included in project budgets.

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